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xo, Fetti Disco Ball Foil Curtain - Last Disco Bachelorette Party Decorations - Set of 2 | Groovy Backdrop, 70s Birthday Photo Booth, Wedding, New Years Eve

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If you're looking for a fun and groovy way to decorate your next disco-themed party or event, the xo, Fetti Disco Ball Foil Curtain is a must-have item! This set of two curtains is perfect for creating a sparkly, iridescent backdrop for photos, dance floors, or any groovy space you're looking to enhance.

One of the best things about these curtains is that they're double trouble. Instead of just one foil curtain, the xo, Fetti team believes more is more and has given us two of them to work with. When hung together, they span across 6 feet, making them the perfect size for a variety of settings. Whether you're hosting a Last Disco bachelorette, birthday party, New Year's Eve celebration, or just a random Saturday night gathering at home, these curtains will add a fun and festive touch.

Measuring 3 feet by 7 feet each, these curtains are just the right size to hang in most spaces. They are great for creating a backdrop for photos or to liven up a party room. They are also versatile enough to be used for various events, whether the space is large or small.

One of the things that I was a little concerned about when purchasing these curtains was how well they would hold up over time. But I was pleased to discover that these curtains are built tough. They come with super strong adhesive, which holds up well even if the curtains are left hanging overnight. However, I would caution users that if the paint on the walls is thin, the adhesive may remove the paint off the wall when the curtains are removed. So use with caution, but don't let that stop you from using these amazing curtains!

After using these curtains for a few events and parties, I have to say that they definitely live up to my expectations. They add a fun and festive touch to any party space, and their sparkling and iridescent quality really helps to set the mood. Plus, who doesn't love the feeling of being transported back to the disco era!

One thing to note is that these curtains are a little delicate, so they should be handled with care when setting them up. They can also be a little tricky to hang up due to the adhesive, but with some patience, it can be done without too much trouble.

Overall, I would highly recommend the xo, Fetti Disco Ball Foil Curtains to anyone looking to add a fun and groovy touch to their next party or event. They are versatile, fun, and easy to use, and will definitely help to make your event one to remember. With a 4.5 out of 5 stars review, it's clear that I'm not the only one who loves these curtains!

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