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Polaroid Go Everything Box Camera and Instant Film Bundle (6036)

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I recently purchased the Polaroid Go Everything Box Camera and Instant Film Bundle (6036). As an avid Polaroid enthusiast, I was excited to try out this new mini camera and see what it had to offer. In this review, I will be detailing my experience with the Polaroid Go camera and the double pack of GO color film included in the bundle.

Firstly, I must say that the Polaroid Go camera is incredibly portable and easy to use. It's small enough to fit in your pocket or hang from your neck with the included strap, making it the perfect partner for your adventures. The camera itself is a sleek white design with a pop-up viewfinder and a reflective selfie mirror on the front, which I found to be a great addition. I often struggle to take selfies on my larger Polaroid camera, so having a small reflective mirror really helped to ensure I could capture the perfect shot.

One of the key features of the Polaroid Go camera is its ability to create big or smaller photos. Unlike traditional Polaroid cameras that produce a square image, the Polaroid Go camera produces a smaller rectangular image. This can take some getting used to, but I found it to be a fun way to switch up my Polaroid game. The camera uses Polaroid Go format film, which is the same classic film you know and love, but smaller. The bundle includes a double pack of GO color film, which produced 16 photos. I was happy with the quality of the film and found the colors to be vibrant and true to life. The smaller size of the photos also makes them easy to carry around and display in any space.

Another standout feature of the Polaroid Go camera is the double exposure function. This allows you to layer multiple photos onto one image to create unique and interesting shots. I found this feature to be easy to use and gave me lots of creative freedom when taking photos. It's worth noting that the GO film does take longer to develop than traditional Polaroid film, so it's important to be patient when waiting for your photos to fully develop.

The Polaroid Go camera also has a self-timer function, which was handy when taking group photos or setting up a shot. The camera gives you plenty of time to get into position before taking the photo, ensuring you can capture the perfect moment. The self-timer also makes it easy to take selfies without the need for a separate remote.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase of the Polaroid Go Everything Box Camera and Instant Film Bundle (6036). The camera is portable, easy to use, and produces high-quality photos that are a fun size to display and share. The double exposure and self-timer functions also add to the creative potential of the camera. The only downside for me is the slightly longer development time for the GO film, but this is a small trade-off for the convenience of having a compact Polaroid camera. If you're looking for a mini Polaroid camera that you can take anywhere and still capture high-quality photos, I would definitely recommend the Polaroid Go camera and film bundle.

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