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ULANZI LS26 Low Profile Mic - Review

ULANZI LS26 Low Profile Mic Arm, Aluminum Mic Arm Desk Mount, 360° Rotatable Foldable Microphone Low Arm for Podcast/Streaming/Gaming/Radio Studio w Mic Clip 1/4" 3/8" 5/8" Screw for Most Mics

8.6 / 10

ULANZI LS26 Low Profile Mic

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ULANZI LS26 Low Profile Mic Arm Review: Perfect for Podcasters and Gamers

As a professional reviewer, I’ve tested numerous microphone arms to find one that’s sturdy, versatile, and easy to use. And finally, I’ve found a perfect match that ticks all the boxes – the ULANZI LS26 Low Profile Mic Arm from jusmo.

This aluminum mic arm desk mount is designed for podcasters, streamers, gamers, and studio enthusiasts who seek a reliable and adjustable arm to hold their microphones. Let's dive into its features to see why this mic arm is worth the investment.

Low Profile and Space-saving Design

One thing that sets the ULANZI LS26 apart from other microphone arms is its low profile design. The arm is uniquely engineered to provide an unobstructed view while recording, which comes in handy when you need to read scripts or monitor your recording device while broadcasting.

Moreover, this mic arm can be easily stored without taking up extra space, making it an excellent choice for people with limited desk space. Its sleek and minimalistic design elevates the aesthetics of your workspace, giving you a clutter-free and professional-looking setup.

All Aluminum Alloy Structure – Sturdy and Firm

The ULANZI LS26 mic arm boasts an all-aluminum alloy structure, making it exceptionally durable and firm. It’s built to handle a maximum weight of 2KG and hovers freely without shaking or wobbling, even when you move or adjust the arm.

The arm’s construction quality is top-notch, and I'm confident that it will last for years without any sign of wear and tear. The arm has even passed the stress test, and I'm pretty sure it will remain stable and sturdy in the long run.

Fully Adjustable – Get the Perfect Angle and Position

Another notable feature of the ULANZI LS26 is its fully adjustable design. You can rotate the microphone adapter, elbow joint arm, and bottom articulated arm by 360°. This means you can position the mic arm in any direction you prefer and get the perfect angle and position for your microphone.

Additionally, the cantilever can be extended horizontally up to 48cm (18.9 in), adding extra flexibility to your setup. Whether you want to stream with a headset or hold your mic closely, this mic arm got you covered.

Compatibility – Versatile and Accommodating

The ULANZI LS26 mic arm is compatible with a wide range of microphones with different interface sizes, making it an all-in-one solution. The mic arm comes with three microphone clips, allowing you to mount your mic with any interface sizes, including 1/4"; 1/4 to 3/8 interfaces, and 1/4 to 5/8 interfaces.

This versatility makes it convenient and accommodating for podcasters, streamers, and gamers who use multiple microphones or switch between them frequently. The mic arm's clips are also detachable, so you can easily replace them with other compatible attachments.

Warranty and Customer Service – Peace of Mind

The ULANZI LS26 mic arm comes with a Full 12-month warranty from JUSMO and a 24 hours/day online after-sale service team for you. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can contact the customer service in case you encounter any issues with your mic arm.

The mic arm is also straightforward to set up, and the manufacturer provides an easy-to-follow instruction manual, saving you the hassle of figuring out how to mount and adjust the arm.

Final Words – Go for It!

After using the ULANZI LS26 mic arm for several weeks, I can confidently say that it’s an excellent product that’s worth investing in. Its low profile design, all-aluminum alloy structure, full adjustability, versatility, and warranty, make it an all-in-one solution for podcasters, streamers, and gamers.

Moreover, the mic arm’s compatibility with different microphone interface sizes makes it easy to switch between different microphones without worrying about compatibility issues.

If you want to step up your recording game and have a professional-looking mic setup, the ULANZI LS26 is your go-to mic arm. Its versatility, durability, and adjustability will ensure that you record your content seamlessly without any hassle. So grab one today and elevate your recording experience to the next level.

ULANZI LS26 Low Profile Mic

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