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Samson Technologies Q9U Dynamic Broadcast Microphone, XLR/USB, Black

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If you are looking for a microphone that is versatile, user-friendly and produces professional-level sound, the Samson Technologies Q9U Dynamic Broadcast Microphone could be a perfect choice. It is designed for broadcast, podcasting, live streaming, and other applications where exceptional sound quality is essential. In this review, we're going to dive deeper into its features and benefits to help you decide if it's the right microphone for you.

Design and Features

The Samson Technologies Q9U Dynamic Broadcast Microphone has a sleek black design and solid, die-cast construction. It comes with an integrated yoke mount that enables easy adjustment and positioning. Its dynamic capsule is equipped with humbucking coil and neodymium magnet, which makes it capable of handling high sound pressure levels and producing a clean, natural sound.

One of the most significant advantages of the Q9U is its dual outputs. You can connect it to your computer or other digital devices via USB-C output or to a mixer or audio interface via XLR output. Besides, it features zero-latency headphone monitoring via a standard 1/8" output that allows you to hear yourself in real-time, making it an ideal mic for live streaming, podcasting, and gaming.

The microphone incorporates a cardioid polar pattern that captures sound from the front and rejects sound coming from the sides and rear. This helps to prevent ambient noise and produce a focused and clear sound without any distortion. Furthermore, it has a low-cut filter that cuts out unwanted low-frequency noise such as rumbles and hums, while the mid-presence control helps accentuate vocals and bring clarity to your recording. The mute button is strategically placed at the front of the microphone, making it easy to access when needed.


With its high-quality dynamic capsule, cardioid polar pattern, and advanced digital signal processing, the Samson Technologies Q9U Microphone delivers exceptional sound quality. It is perfectly suited to capture vocals, instruments, and sound effects and provides impressive clarity and detail.

The Q9U can handle sound pressure levels up to 148 dB SPL, ensuring that distortion is kept to a minimum even in the loudest environments. Additionally, the microphone has a high 24-bit/96kHz resolution, ensuring that your recordings will have an excellent level of detail and clarity. Besides, its plug-and-play capability eliminates the need for elaborate setups or driver installations, making it convenient and fast to use.

User Feedback

The Samson Technologies Q9U Dynamic Broadcast Microphone has garnered rave reviews from users thanks to its exceptional sound quality and user-friendly features. The majority of users praised the microphone for its versatility, solid construction, and ease of use. They also praised its ability to minimize ambient noise and distortion, its high-quality sound, and the convenience of the dual outputs. However, some users found the headphone monitoring level to be too low and recommended using an external amplifier.


Overall, the Samson Technologies Q9U Dynamic Broadcast Microphone is an impressive piece of audio equipment that is ideal for people looking for a high-quality microphone that is versatile, easy to use, and produces professional-level sound. It is suited for podcasting, live streaming, broadcasting, gaming, and other applications where exceptional sound quality is essential. With its dual outputs, cardioid polar pattern, advanced digital signal processing, and plug-and-play functionality, it is an excellent investment that will provide you with years of superior sound quality.

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