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Metal Zip Ties black 100pcs - Review

Metal Zip Ties black 100pcs 11.8 inch 304Stainless steel Epoxy Coated Cable Tie Multi-purpose Self-locking Cable Ties used for machinery, vehicles, farms, cables, pipesas well as Outdoor binding

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Metal Zip Ties black 100pcs

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As an avid DIYer and home improvement expert, I am always on the lookout for new and innovative tools and accessories that can make my life easier. One such product that recently caught my attention is the MAIDUNSI Metal Zip Ties black 100pcs 11.8 inch 304 Stainless steel Epoxy Coated Cable Tie. Designed to be a multi-purpose self-locking cable tie, this product has become increasingly popular among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. In this product review, I will be sharing my thoughts on this innovative product from MAIDUNSI.


One of the standout features of the MAIDUNSI Metal Zip Ties is its black epoxy coating process, which provides high temperature resistance, cold resistance, rust and corrosion resistance, giving it superior durability even in the toughest outdoor environments. The stainless steel cable ties are anti-oxidation, anti-ultraviolet, easy to operate, sturdy and durable. I found this feature especially useful when I had to use this product on projects that were exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Physical Properties

The 304 stainless steel epoxy coating used in making the MAIDUNSI Metal Zip Ties gives it a maximum supporting weight of 198 lbs, making it ideal for securing heavy-duty items. The operation temperature range for this product is -170℉~+500℉, which means that it can be used in extreme temperature conditions. Additionally, the maximum bundle diameter is 90mm, which is 3.5inches, making it spacious enough for different applications.

Ease of Use

The self-locking design of the MAIDUNSI Metal Zip Ties means that it only needs to be tightened with sharp-nosed pliers, and the excess can be cut off with diagonal pliers or tin scissors, which allows you to complete your projects efficiently. I found this to be a significant advantage over other products that required additional tools to install. Additionally, the Metal Zip Ties are reusable, saving you money over time.

Size Quantity

The MAIDUNSI Metal Zip Ties come in a pack of 100 pieces, each measuring 300mm x 4.6mm x 0.25mm/ 11.8" x 0.18" x 0.01" (L*W*T). The quantity is perfect for me as it provided me with enough ties for multiple projects.

Multiple Usages

One of the standout features of the MAIDUNSI Metal Zip Ties is its versatility. The multifunctional cable zip ties are widely used in machinery, vehicles, gardens, farms, cables, pipes, roofs, basements as well as outdoor binding, making them perfect for use in the harshest outdoor environments. The ties are durable and reliable, and I am confident that they will hold up well even in the toughest applications.

Customer Reviews

After researching and testing this product, I was pleased to find that other customers had similar experiences. With a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating and over 170 reviews, it's clear that other customers have found the MAIDUNSI Metal Zip Ties to be reliable and useful.


Overall, I highly recommend the MAIDUNSI Metal Zip Ties black 100pcs 11.8 inch 304 Stainless steel Epoxy Coated Cable Tie Multi-purpose Self-locking Cable Ties used for machinery, vehicles, farms, cables, pipes as well as Outdoor binding. The product's standout features and durability make it a reliable solution for various DIY and home improvement projects. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, the MAIDUNSI Metal Zip Ties are an excellent investment that will deliver impressive results.

Metal Zip Ties black 100pcs

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