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Industrial Zip Ties Heavy Duty with - Review

Industrial Zip Ties Heavy Duty with 250 lbs Tensile Strength, 11.6 inch, Electrical Cable Ties Heavy Duty, 50 Pieces, Wide and Thick Zip Ties, by Karoka

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Industrial Zip Ties Heavy Duty with

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Zip ties are a handy tool for several purposes. Be it organizing cables or binding heavy items, these small plastic strips are a go-to solution. However, not all zip ties can withstand heavy loads or harsh weather conditions. Hence, we present the Karoka Industrial Zip Ties Heavy Duty, with 250 lbs. of Tensile Strength, 11.6 inches, and 50 pieces. These zip ties are ideal for indoor and outdoor uses and provide excellent quality and durability.


Karoka Industrial Zip Ties Heavy Duty is made with high-quality materials that make it weather-proof and heavy-duty. The black zip tie has a width of 0.47 inches, which is wider than the industry-standard of 0.2 inches. The thicker width enables the zip tie to bear more loads and makes it more durable. The four teeth ratchet case makes the product ideal for heavy-duty jobs. It provides up to 250lbs of tensile strength and can withstand harsh conditions, be it heat or cold.


Karoka Industrial Zip Ties Heavy Duty is ideal for various indoor and outdoor applications. They can be used to tidy-up the cables around the home, office, or garden, or to bind heavy items together, bags, etc. Construction sites require zip ties, and Karoka's Heavy Duty zip ties are perfect for the job. These zip ties come in a resealable bag, making storage and usage convenient.


The Karoka Industrial Zip Ties Heavy Duty is robust and durable. With 250lbs of tensile strength, these zip ties can bear substantial loads, making them ideal for heavy-duty jobs. The zip ties are made of high-quality plastic material that makes them weather-resistant and rust-free. The thicker width and four teeth ratchet case make them more sturdy and durable.


Karoka Industry Zip Ties Heavy Duty comes with a 1-year warranty. Any issues with the product, including quality, will enable the customer to receive a 100% refund during the warranty period. This warranty is an added benefit for customers who tend to rely on a product's durability and longevity.

Customer Review:

Karoka's Industrial Zip Ties Heavy Duty is an Amazon bestseller, with a 4.7-star rating out of 5, with 647 reviews. Most customers found these zip ties to be stronger than the other zip ties they had used before. Some customers resorted to using these zip ties for heavy equipment such as motorcycles, and they worked marvelously. Several customers mentioned that even though they buy the zip ties in bulk, the quality remains consistent. Customers praised the resealable bag that makes storage convenient and avoids tangling.


Karoka's Industrial Zip Ties Heavy Duty is an ideal solution for demanding jobs that require load-bearing capabilities. The thicker width, four teeth ratchet case, and weather-resistant material make them durable and sturdy, even in the harshest conditions. The resealable bag adds convenience to the storage and usage of the zip ties. With a 1-year warranty, customers can trust these zip ties to last long and provide excellent value for money.

Industrial Zip Ties Heavy Duty with

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