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Furman ELITE15 DM i Linear Filtering AC Power Conditioner

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Furman ELITE15 DM i Linear Filtering AC Power Conditioner Review

If you're serious about your home entertainment system, then you know the importance of a good power conditioner. That's why we're excited to take a look at the Furman ELITE15 DM i Linear Filtering AC Power Conditioner. This is a high-end piece of equipment that promises to improve the quality of your audio and video equipment by cleaning up the power that flows into them. Let's take a closer look.

First off, let's talk about what a power conditioner actually does. Essentially, a power conditioner sits between your wall outlet and your audio or video equipment. It cleans up the power that you get from the outlet, removing any noise or interference that might be introduced by your home's electrical wiring. This can lead to significant improvements in picture and sound quality, as well as increased longevity for your equipment.

The Furman ELITE15 DM i uses Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) to achieve this. Unlike some other power conditioners, which use more basic filtration methods, LiFT technology is designed to remove a wide range of noise and interference from your power supply. This makes it especially effective for high-end audio and video equipment which requires the cleanest power possible.

Additionally, the ELITE15 DM i includes a feature called E.V.S. (Extreme Voltage Shutdown) which protects your equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions. If the voltage coming in from your outlet spikes too high, the ELITE15 DM i will automatically cut off power to your equipment to prevent damage. This is a great safety feature which provides peace of mind, knowing that your equipment is protected from power surges.

One potential concern with some power conditioners is that they can introduce noise into your system by way of grounding issues. This is because some power conditioners use a common ground for all of the equipment they're connected to. The Furman ELITE15 DM i, however, features Zero Ground Contamination circuitry. This means that each individual outlet on the ELITE15 DM i has its own isolated ground, which prevents any ground loop noise from being introduced into your system. This is a crucial feature that ensures your audio and video equipment are not impacted negatively by the power filtration system.

Finally, the ELITE15 DM i includes a convenient 12-volt trigger. This feature allows you to connect the power conditioner to other equipment in your system, like an AV receiver or preamp, so that when that equipment is turned on, the ELITE15 DM i turns on as well. Additionally, the ELITE15 DM i includes a bypass option, which allows you to switch off the power conditioning if you prefer to hear or see your media in its most raw form.

So, is the Furman ELITE15 DM i Linear Filtering AC Power Conditioner worth the investment? Based on our research and customer feedback, we would say absolutely. With its high-quality power filtration, advanced safety features, and zero ground contamination circuitry, the ELITE15 DM i is a top-of-the-line power conditioner that will improve the performance and longevity of your home entertainment system. At a 4.5/5 star rating with 93 reviews, the Furman ELITE15 DM i is definitely worth considering for audiophiles and cinephiles who demand the best performance from their equipment.

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