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Furman Elite-15i 7-Outlet Linear Filtering - Review

Furman Elite-15i 7-Outlet Linear Filtering AC Power Source

9 / 10

Furman Elite-15i 7-Outlet Linear Filtering

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Furman Elite-15i 7-Outlet Linear Filtering AC Power Source - A Must-Have for Audiophiles

When it comes to audio and video equipment, the devil is in the details. And for those who have invested time and money into the finest audio setups, the Furman Elite-15i 7-Outlet Linear Filtering AC Power Source is a piece of equipment that is simply a must-have.

The Furman Elite-15i is an AC power conditioner that brings to the table Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) for unparalleled audio and video clarity. This machine is equipped with E.V.S (Extreme Voltage Shutdown) that protects the connected equipment from any potentially damaging overvoltage conditions. Additionally, the filter's circuits keep digital components away from any ground contamination, ensuring that sound and video signals remain unadulterated - this quality is something that only professional-grade equipment can provide.

The Furman Elite-15i is a well-built, sleek-looking machine that can be mounted on a wall or kept on a shelf. It comes with seven outlets, and all of them are backed up with a surge-protected circuit that can handle up to 3000 volts or 135 joules. Hence, both analog and digital equipment can be conveniently connected to the Furman Elite-15i for better output.

One of the most crucial aspects of the Furman Elite-15i is the 12-Volt DC trigger. This allows you to control the Furman Elite-15i, along with other high-end audio equipment, remotely. The bypass option present in the machine lets you manually take control back whenever you want, without having to reach for a switch behind your audio setup.

The Furman Elite-15i is an excellent solution for audio professionals and hobbyists alike. With a weight of around 20 pounds, it is incredibly sturdy and does not feel cheap. Moreover, it is easy to set up within your audio setup with the included equipment, and the UI is intuitive, so you can configure it according to your requirements in no time.

In conclusion, based on my experience and research of the Furman Elite-15i, I highly recommend this power source for all audiophiles. It is a fantastic piece of equipment that significantly enhances both audio and video setups, providing not only high-quality sound but also protection from any voltage issues. The 4.5 out of 5 stars rating with a 96 count only reinforces this claim. If you are someone who takes your audio experience seriously, this could be an excellent investment for you.

Furman Elite-15i 7-Outlet Linear Filtering

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