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Ergear Monitor Mount for Most 13-32" Computer Screens up to 17.6lbs, Improved LCD LED Monitor Riser, Adjustable Height and Angle, Single Desk Mount Stand, Black, EGCM12

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In today's age of work from home, one thing that has become a must-have for every person is a good and sturdy monitor mount. A monitor mount is the backbone of a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. ErGear, a well-known brand in the monitor accessory market, has come up with its single desk mount stand, the EGCM12, that is designed to take your monitor game to another level. In this review, we will take a closer look at what the Ergear Monitor Mount has to offer.

With the Ergear Monitor Mount, you can say goodbye to the neck and eye strain that comes with working on a monitor that is not at eye level. This stand by Ergear is designed to raise your screen to a more comfortable and ergonomic height. The stand can support most 13-32” monitors with VESA mounting patterns 75x75mm or 100x100mm, which weighs up to 17.6lbs. The VESA mounting patterns compatibility ensures that the stand can fit a vast range of monitors. However, it is essential to check the VESA pattern and the weight of your monitor before making the purchase to avoid any compatibility issues.

The monitor mount's ergonomic design means that you will not have to strain your neck and eyes due to an uncomfortable viewing angle. The Ergear Monitor Mount provides a wide range of adjustment features that cater to your viewing comfort. With 360° monitor rotation, ±45° tilt, and ±45° swivel, the Ergear Monitor Mount offers full articulating motion to adjust your monitor as per your need.

The stand comes with a 16.6” steel support pole that provides plenty of height options for mounting your screen at a more comfortable eye level. This feature is a game-changer as it allows you to select the height option that works best as per your seating position and preference. You can adjust the height of the stand to a level that feels comfortable to you, which can significantly contribute to reducing eye strain in the long run.

The Ergear Monitor Mount features a strong and sturdy build that provides unparalleled stability, no matter how heavy your monitor is. The stand comes with two different mounting options- Drill-free C-clamp mounting or Grommet base mounting. The Drill-free C-clamp mounting system is perfect for desks up to 3” thick, while the Grommet base mounting system is ideal for desks up to 3.5” thick. However, it is essential to note that the monitor is not designed for glass surface mounting, which may require an additional metal reinforcement plate. Therefore, it is essential to check your desk's thickness and make the appropriate mounting choice.

Another standout feature of the Ergear Monitor Mount is its easy installation process. The stand comes equipped with an instruction manual, standard hardware, and Allen key tools that ensure easy assembly. The monitor mount's installation process is simple, and one person can easily assemble it in under 10-15 minutes. In case of any questions or assistance required during installation, Ergear's US-based customer support team is always available to help.

Upon researching the Ergear Monitor Mount, we found that customers who have purchased the item have been delighted with its performance. With over 4007 reviews from satisfied customers and a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, the monitor mount speaks for itself. Customers have praised the Ergear Monitor Mount for its sturdy build, easy installation process, and ergonomic design that significantly reduces neck and eye strain.

In conclusion, the Ergear Monitor Mount EGCM12 is a perfect addition to your home workspace, which adds comfort, stability, and functionality to your overall setup. Its compatibility with a vast range of monitors, coupled with the full articulation motion and sleek design, makes it a top-notch monitor mount in the market. Ergear has done an excellent job of providing a quality product that caters to the customers' needs, making it a must-have item in your workspace.

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