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【Ultra-Slim Quiet】STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler Interval Timer Adjustable, Mouse Mover with On/Off Switch, Automatic Device to Keep Moving Mouse Wiggler Shaker Clicker Random Movement DriverFree

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Are you tired of your computer screen constantly going to sleep and interrupting your work routine? Do you need a device that can keep your mouse moving without interrupting your workflow? If so, then the STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler is exactly what you need. In this review, we will be discussing the various features and benefits of this product.

Ultra-Slim Unobtrusive Design

The STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler has been specifically designed for those who do not want their mouse jiggler to be bulky or conspicuous. Its ultra-slim design, with a thickness of only 16mm, makes it unnoticeable and saves a lot of space on your desk. So, if you are someone who prefers a minimalistic workspace or who works in a cluttered environment, this device is perfect for you.

Self-Developed Super-Silent Micro Motor

One of the biggest complaints from users of other mouse jigglers is the loud noise they make when in use. But the STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler has solved this issue by developing an exclusive super-quiet micro motor that makes barely any sound when in use. So, whether you are working in a library, a conference room, or in your own home, this device won't disturb others around you.

Subtle Pointer Movement

Unlike other mouse jiggler devices that cause the mouse pointer to go wild, with STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler, the cursor moves only subtly, one to two pixels at a time, so it won't affect your workflow. This feature allows you to leave your workstation without causing any interruption. Besides, if you need to use another mouse while the jigglers are working, it won't cause any interference.

Adjustable Interval Timer

The mouse jiggle device comes with an adjustable interval timer with four settings of 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 3 minutes, and a random time of between 1-60 seconds. The device runs for about 50 seconds, then stops for some time, depending on your selected time interval before starting again. This random interval movement is closer to real mouse movement, and it prevents the device from becoming predictable. So, if your work involves continuous computer usage, you will undoubtedly benefit significantly from this device.

Built with Vaydeer Technology

The STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler is built with Vaydeer Technology, a well-known company engaged in the R&D of office productivity products. This technology is responsible for dominating mouse jigger markets for years now. The mouse jiggler device is compatible with Windows 7 and above, Mac 10.10 and above, IOS 12 and above, and Android 7.1.1 and above.

ISO Safety Certificate

STARSIKI ensures the absolute security of this physical mouse jiggler pad with ISO27001: 2013 Information Security Certified/Certification. That means you can trust in its utmost security and safety.


- The device is ultra-thin, sleek, and unobtrusive.

- The super-silent micro motor makes it perfect for use in quiet environments.

- The device creates subtle pointer movements that won't affect any other workflow on your workstation.

- The adjustable interval timer offers four different settings.

- It is built with Vaydeer technology, making it highly effective and reliable.

- It is compatible with various operating systems.


- It does not work with trackball mice.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a device to keep your mouse moving while preventing the screen from going to sleep, then the STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler is perfect for you. Its super-slim and sleek design combined with the feature of the self-developed super-quiet micro motor makes it a must-have device in any workspace. It is easy to install, is built with high-quality Vaydeer technology, and comes with four adjustable interval timers. Additionally, it has ISO Safety certification that assures maximum protection and safety in using the product for your computer. So, invest in the STARSIKI Undetectable Mouse Jiggler today and experience a hassle-free workflow!

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