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D-Line TV Wire Hider, Half - Review

D-Line TV Wire Hider, Half Round Cord Cover for Wall Mount TV, Hinged One-Piece Raceway, Paintable, Self-Adhesive Cable Management - 1.18" (W) x 0.59" (H) x 15.7" Length - White

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D-Line TV Wire Hider, Half

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Product Review: D-Line TV Wire Hider

As more and more homeowners switch to wall-mounted TVs, the issue of cable management becomes more prevalent. Nobody wants unsightly cords and wires hanging from their sleek new TV mounting, and D-Line has come up with a solution to this problem with their TV Wire Hider.


The D-Line Cord Cover boasts a decorative half round profile that blends seamlessly with your decor, making it a subtle and discreet addition to your home. The one-piece design with flexible hinged lid provides easy cord access, making it especially beneficial when upgrading to new AV appliances. It also comes in a 15.7-inch length that's perfect for hiding common wall-mounted TV cord drops, avoiding the need to cut lengths. However, longer D-Line Cord Hider lengths of up to 39 inches are also available.


Perhaps one of the most notable features of the D-Line Cord Cover is how easy it is to install. No electrical or DIY know-how is required to install it, as all cable cover lengths have pre-applied self-adhesive backing for easy peel and stick installation. Alternatively, lengths can be drilled and screw-fixed if necessary. Unlike traditional two-piece cord covers, the one-piece design of the D-Line Cord Cover avoids the need to cut lid and base separately. To install, all you need to do is peel and stick to the wall, open the flexible hinged lid, add cords, and snap shut utilizing the patented click-lock design.


The D-Line Cord Cover is designed to hide cables around a variety of angles, making it an excellent choice whether you have a wall-mounted TV or not. The company offers a range of compatible Cable Cover Accessory Multipacks, including bends and tees that have rear grip tabs for secure fittings. The design of these accessories hides imprecise cuts and measurements. Connectors and end caps feature internal shoulders that fit securely under lengths for a smooth flush finish. All accessories have been color-matched to the lengths for a perfect finish.


For the ultimate finish, the D-Line Cable Cover and accessories can be painted to match your decor. To paint, simply key the surface with a fine sandpaper and apply two coats of paint.


The D-Line Wall Mounted TV Cord Hider measures 1.18 inches in width, 0.59 inches in height, and 15.7 inches in length. These dimensions are sufficient for covering common wall-mounted TV cable drops. However, lengths can be installed side by side if longer lengths are required. Please note that alternative D-Line profile sizes are also available, including 0.63x0.31 inches, 0.78x0.39 inches, 2x1 inches, 2.36x0.59 inches, and 0.87x0.87 inches.

Customer Reviews

With over 2,781 reviews from satisfied customers, the D-Line Cord Cover has garnered a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on various retail sites. One customer was especially impressed with the quality of the cord cover, noting that it was easy to install, discreet, and solved the problem of cable management. Another reviewer praised the product's design, stating that it was unobtrusive and easy to paint. Others appreciated the different sizes available and the range of accessories that went with them.


The D-Line Cord Cover is an excellent solution to tidy up the cables that come with a wall-mounted TV. Its sleek design and easy-to-install nature make it a favorite among customers. Its versatile accessories and ability to paint the product also make it a top pick for those who want to ensure the product blends seamlessly with their decor. Overall, the D-Line Cord Cover is a highly recommended product for anyone looking to keep their cables hidden and organized.

D-Line TV Wire Hider, Half

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