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Cord Hider, 31.5 inch Delamu - Review

Cord Hider, 31.5 inch Delamu Cable Hider, Wire Covers for Cords Cable Raceway, Cord Cover Wall Cable Cover, Cable Cord Concealer, Wire Hiders for TV on Wall and Wall Mounted TV, 2XL15.7 W1.18 H0.6in

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Cord Hider, 31.5 inch Delamu

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Cord Hider, 31.5 inch Delamu Cable Hider, Wire Covers for Cords Cable Raceway, Cord Cover Wall Cable Cover, Cable Cord Concealer, Wire Hiders for TV on Wall and Wall Mounted TV, 2XL15.7 W1.18 H0.6in

Are you tired of seeing cables scattered around your house, ruining your perfectly decorated rooms? Do you want to keep your children and pets safe while also keeping your home aesthetically pleasing? Look no further than the Delamu Cord Hider.

Delamu's Cord Hider is more than just an ordinary wire concealer. It has passed the UL94 V-0 Rating test, which means it's a real flame retardant product, not just a publicity stunt. The UL94 V-0 rating is defined as burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical part allowing for drops of plastic that are not inflamed. Thus, it's safer than ordinary materials because of its higher flame retardancy, which provides greater security for daily use.

Large Capacity Wire Hiders for TV on Wall

The Delamu Cord Hider features a large capacity to hide cables, making it perfect for multi-cable hiding scenarios. Its size is W 1.18 inches, H 0.6 inches, providing a capacity of 3-4 HDMI or Cat 6 Ethernet cables. This cord hider is ideal for wall-mounted TVs, desktop computers, and other devices, allowing you to hide the clutter of TV cables and effortlessly tidy up your entire TV area.

Perfect-Length Cord Cover for TV Walls

The Delamu TV Wire Cover is pre-cut into 2x15.7” sections, which can easily conceal 3-4 cables. The Cable Channel can be seamlessly connected end-to-end without any need for clumsy and unsightly connectors. It meets most cable hiding needs, and the Delamu Cost-effective Cord Concealer Kit makes it a great investment for all household owners.

Easy to Install with Upgraded TV Cord Hider

The Delamu patented hinge design Cord Cover is designed with a special snap-on cover that makes it easier to add or remove cables than a regular slip-on cable hider. Hence, you can effortlessly remove wires from the wire covers for cords for maintenance or adding a new one. Once the cover is back, it won't fall off after the wire hider is in use. Safe, secure, and worry-free, that's the Delamu cable cover.

Self-adhesive Backing Quick Tool-Free Installation

Delamu Cord Hiders come with pre-applied tape, making them incredibly easy to install without any need for drilling or screwing. Moreover, cable raceways provide more space to move about, and you can also cut the cord covers for wall-mounted TVs down to the size that you need. However, the tape is not suitable for textured walls/surfaces.

High-Quality Paintable Cable Management

Delamu Cord Management uses high-quality and eco-friendly PVC material, making it more durable and safer. The natural white color and sleek design make the Delamu TV Cord Hider a great option for any room decor. Paint the wire concealer to match your home decor for a perfect view of the wall you hang your TV.

Keep Your Home Safer and More Aesthetic

Delamu Wire Management are the perfect TV Cable Hider to protect your pets and children. Unsightly hanging cords not only ruin the aesthetics of your home decor, but they can also create a tripping hazard, leaving your loved ones at risk. Delamu TV Cord Cover will keep your room organized and most importantly, safe for your family.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The Delamu Cord Hider has received rave reviews among customers online, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, with 401 reviews. Customers have praised its ease of installation, durability, and its' ability to keep their home aesthetically pleasing and safe for their pets and children.


Say goodbye to tangled cords around your home and keep your little ones and pets safer with Delamu's Cord Hider. The wire concealer is a great way to organize TV cables and many other devices, making them easy on the eyes while also safeguarding the room's inhabitants. Don't wait any longer - buy the Delamu Cord Hider and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a safer and more aesthetically pleasing home.

Cord Hider, 31.5 inch Delamu

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