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APC UPS Network Management Card 3, Newest Model 2020 (AP9640)

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As technology advances at a breakneck pace, proper power supply management for businesses becomes an increasingly challenging task. APC, a brand known worldwide for its innovative and reliable power backup solutions, has long been the go-to manufacturer for organizations that take their power infrastructure seriously. Their latest offering, the APC UPS Network Management Card 3 (Model AP9640), is unique in its ability to remotely monitor and control a single connected APC UPS through direct networking.

The APC UPS Network Management Card 3 is the newest model from the company in 2020, promising improved functionality and features. With remote management, administrators can keep an eye on their connected UPS even when off-site. This feature is crucial for businesses with multiple locations that require centralized power management. The card enables businesses to foresee their backup battery runtime and prevent surges, short-circuits, and other possible power-related issues. One of the standout features of the APC Network Management Card 3 is that users can receive alerts on the connected UPS's performance via text or email. This ensures organizations can take immediate remedial actions to avoid device damage or costly downtime when problems arise.

Moreover, setting up the card is incredibly simple. Compatible with most network setups, the card plugs directly into the APC UPS device, connecting it to the network via an Ethernet cable. Once the card has been installed, users can access the device's controls through any web browser. The APC Network Management Card 3 is compatible with various APC UPS devices, like the Smart-UPS, Symmetra, and Matrix-UPS families. As such, it offers flexibility to users, and they can continue to use the UPS devices they currently rely on while adding critical network management capabilities.

The card comes with several features that will make life easier for administrators. One of these is load shedding, where users can identify and prioritize critical equipment connected to the UPS device. During a power outage, the card automatically sheds non-critical loads to extend battery runtime, ensuring power for critical equipment, allowing for business continuity.

Additionally, the APC UPS Network Management Card 3 is equipped with a secure browser interface for the user’s peace of mind. Administrators can set up custom user accounts and restrict access to certain levels, ensuring that only those with correct permission can adjust the UPS’s settings. It also allows users the ability to remotely manage their UPS device from anywhere in the world via VPN, all while maintaining the device's with AES 256-bit encryption for security.

The APC UPS Network Management Card 3 enjoys a 4.6-star rating out of 5 from over 60 customer reviews, indicating that it has garnered a strong positive reception from users. Customers particularly appreciate the device’s wide range of functionalities, which includes the capacity for multiple admins, high scalability, integration with a variety of UPS devices, and email notifications.

In conclusion, the APC UPS Network Management Card 3 is an impressive product that provides efficient and reliable power management. Businesses will find it ideal, especially in today’s day and age, where remote work has become increasingly common. This product is not only flexible, allowing for integrating with an array of APC UPS devices, but it is also straightforward to set up and manage- the browser-based interface is very user-friendly. The APC UPS Network Management Card 3 will help give businesses peace of mind by providing a secure and diverse management system to ensure proper power supply management, making it a wise investment for anyone looking to protect their vital infrastructure.

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