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Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Small Portable External Wireless Keyboard Cordless Rechargeable Illuminated for Android Tablet Cell Phone Smartphone iPad Pro Air Mini iPhone Windows Surface (Black)

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As our lives continue to become more mobile, we find ourselves needing accessories that would make our devices more user friendly on-the-go. One such accessory is the Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Small Portable External Wireless Keyboard by TOHAKATA. In this product review, we will delve deeper into the details of this portable keyboard, exploring its features, performance, compatibility, and design.

The first thing notable about this keyboard is its 7-Color LED Backlit feature. This makes it easier to type even in the dark, as the colors provide illumination. You can switch between seven different colors, which include red, yellow, purple, green, ice blue, blue, and white, by pressing the RGB key. Additionally, when this keyboard is not in use, the lights will automatically turn off, saving the device's power. With the 7-color LED feature, the keyboard isn't only functional but adds a stylish touch to the device connected to it.

When it comes to connectivity, the TOHAKATA Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 technology that is incredibly stable and reliable. This means that you can expect a strong connection between the keyboard and your device, and you don't have to worry about delays in typing or losing your connection. It is effortless to connect this keyboard to various devices. In addition, it has shortcut keys that allow you to be more efficient and productive. The working distance of this keyboard is up to 8 meters, so you can use it from a short distance while being connected to your device.

This keyboard's broad compatibility makes it a reliable device for almost all your mobile devices out there. It can work with tablets, smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, iPhones, iPads, and many other mobile devices with built-in Bluetooth. It is also compatible with various operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS, and iPad OS. However, it is essential to note that it is specially designed for small mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and is not suitable for desktop devices such as computers and laptops.

Another point to consider is this keyboard's long battery life. The keyboard has a built-in rechargeable battery that can work continuously for 40 hours with the backlight off after being fully charged. When it is not in use, it will enter sleep mode after 15 minutes to save power. You can press any key to activate it and start typing. With this keyboard, you don't have to worry about changing the battery frequently. Besides, if you don't intend to use it for an extended period, you can turn it off using the on/off buttons.

One great feature about this keyboard is how quiet it is. The keys are made using a scissor switch structure that provides a quiet, sensitive, and comfortable typing experience. This way, you can work from anywhere without worrying about disturbing others around you. The ultra-slim, small, and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around as well. You can store it effortlessly in your laptop bag or backpack and use it at home, school, or the office.

The TOHAKATA Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard has over 866 reviews, with an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars, indicating that it is positively received by customers. Customers love the seven-color backlight feature, which provides a stylish look to the keyboard. They also appreciate its reliability, stability, and ease of connectivity, making it easy to use. The keyboard's broad compatibility is another aspect that customers find impressive, as it can work with almost any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device out there. Finally, the keyboard's long battery life also appeals to customers, as it saves them the trouble of frequently replacing batteries.

In conclusion, the TOHAKATA Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard Small Portable External Wireless Keyboard is an excellent device to have if you're looking for a functional and stylish keyboard for your mobile device. It is easy to connect and comes with functions like shortcut keys that makes work more efficient. It also has a broad compatibility range and is designed to be ultra-thin, lightweight, and portable. With its long battery life and quiet typing experience, this keyboard is a great investment for anyone who intends to work or type while on-the-go.

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