Tamron SP Auto Focus 1.4x Pro Teleconverter for Canon Mount Lenses (Model 140FCA)

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Tamron SP Auto Focus 1.4x Pro Teleconverter for Canon Mount Lenses (Model 140FCA)

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It is natural for the image quality to deteriorate when using a teleconverter since the lens becomes darker due to aperture loss: one F-stop (with 1.4X) or two F-stop (with 2X). Depending on the shooting conditionsc the Auto Focus may hunt. In that casec please use MF (manual) mode. This teleconverter is not designed for digital use. We do not guarantee its performance when used on Digital SLR cameras. When using the teleconveterc it maybe difficult to achieve focus using AF because the depth of field becomes shallow. If this occursc focus manually.For use with Canon SLR cameras If used with a variable F-number zoom lens (e.g. 2.8-3.5)c AF may not operate at the telephoto side. If this occursc focus manually

Extra Description

Tamron SP Auto Focus 1.4x Pro Teleconverter for Canon Mount Lenses (Model 140FCA)

Style: For Canon Mount Lenses Product Description A Teleconverter is a great way to extend the focal length of your lens. This Teleconverter will extend the focal length of your lens by 1.4x giving more magnification. The Tamron Pro series Teleconverter offer superior optical construction for improved image quality. From the Manufacturer Simply fit a Tamron teleconverter between the lens and the camera body to increase a lens focal lengthc giving you extended telephoto capabilities so you can take photos with greater magnification from the same camera position. Tamrons AF teleconverters are compatible with most AF (autofocus) and autoexposure cameras. SP for Super Performancebr Tamrons SP-series lenses are designed to achieve top optical performance. Ground breaking design concepts give these lenses unsurpassed image quality and ease of use while setting new standards for future generations of lenses.

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I purchased this teleconverter for use with a Nikon D600 (FX frame) camera and a Tamron 150-600mm zoom lens. The teleconverter worked as advertised with a shorter length zoom (losing one f-stop) but would not allow the 150-600mm lens to auto focus. I contacted Tamronc and their response was less than ideal (see below). The teleconverter does work with the new lens in manual mode. Howeverc I was testing in all sorts of mannersc including with a lot of available light outdoor and inside at a light fixturec so do not believe the issue is related to low light. br brThanks for contacting Tamron! With our teleconverters you may have problems auto focusing with current digital lenses including the A011c although manual focus would work without issue. This may also be due to the loss of light transmission on this particular lens. For more information regarding teleconverter use with digital equipment please see this service update: http://www.tamron-usa.com/about/updates_teles.php br brUnfortunately we have not yet produced fully digital compatible teleconverters. We are always releasing new lenses so its always possible that we may create new teleconverters in the future. br brAmended review (20-July-2015) br brI am amending my review because the Amazon description for this item says for Nikon Digital SLR cameras which is false. The Tamron web site clearly says for film based camerasc so this explains why I am having issues with the zoom as described earlier.

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