Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 Art DG OS HSM Lens for Nikon

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Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 Art DG OS HSM Lens for Nikon

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Offers stable and fine image quality from wide to mid-telephoto range This lens has a combination of fixed aperture and a good zoom ratio that is kept as high as possible minimum focusing distance of 45cm and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:4.6. great for close up photography MC-11 Compatible

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Sigma 24-105mm F4.0 Art DG OS HSM Lens for Nikon

Style: Nikon Cameras  |  Configuration: US Version 24-105mm F4.0 DG OS HSM

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I was tempted by this lens after my huge disappointment with the new Canon 25-105 f4 II L. The images from the Canon lens on my 5D Mark IV never felt quite right — soft and lacking contrast. I thought it might have been the particular lens I receivedc or the IS systemc but after careful calibration and a trip to Canon Professional Servicesc I was assured it was all working as it was meant to — but it still didnt render impressive results. br brEnter the Sigma. An older lens than the few-month-old Canonc it is a staggering improvement over the Canon offeringc and for less money. I did many real world side-by-side tests with the Canon 24-105mm IIc and the Sigma is simply a superior lens. The most noticeable difference is that it is considerably sharper. I have attached two 100% image crops from the 5D Mark IVc without retouchingc showing the difference. The settings and condition were the same for both shots. (Im hoping the Amazon image upload/compression doesnt negate the visible sharpness difference!) The Sigma is the first image of the two. br brBeyond the superior sharpnessc the Sigma exhibited marginally less distortionc and marginally less chromatic aberration. Vignetting is roughly the same. One very interesting notec is that the Sigma transmits nearly one stop more of light than the Canonc despite both being f4. I confirmed this across a range of comparative shots using Lightroom. br brIts also cooler looking and no more bulky than the Canon. Its my first foray into the Art lens seriesc having been a lifelong L glass guyc but in future I am going to be seriously looking at the Sigma offerings alongside the Canon ones. I am mightily impressed. br brOf coursec I did my comparisons using the particular lenses I received. I guess your mileage may vary as they say!

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