Samyang Cine SYCV14M-N 14mm T3.1 Cine Wide Angle Lens for Nikon

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Samyang Cine SYCV14M-N 14mm T3.1 Cine Wide Angle Lens for Nikon

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14mm wide angle lens with a de-clicked t/3.1 aperture Follow focus system is integrated into the quality optics of Rokinon lenses minimum focusing distance 1 foot 15 elements in 10 groups including 1 aspherical lens and 1 hybrid aspherical lens Ideal for video use with SLR and DSLR cameras

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Samyang Cine SYCV14M-N 14mm T3.1 Cine Wide Angle Lens for Nikon

Style: Nikon The new Samyang 14mm Cine Lens is made especially for DSLR video enthusiastsc> videographers and cinematographers. It features the same outstanding image quality as the standard Samyang 14mm F3.1 lens but has the added benefits of de-clicked apertures and follow focus compatibility. De-clicked apertures means that there are no hard clicks when changing apertures and the aperture can be manually set to a very specific number (like f/3.8c> f/5.2). The lens has also been constructed so that it can be easily attached to follow focus systems which are widely used by videographers. The Samyang Cine lenses are the most affordablec> high quality lenses in the market today

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I got this to use with Canon 5D MKIII and Glidecam HD4000 to film wedding couples on the beach. To get deep focus I like to keep the aperture between F8 and F11. This gets the dramatic Hawaiian setting all in focus. It is a nice contrast to the shallow depth of field shots my shooting buddy is getting on the Canon 70-200 IS II lens at the same time giving us great coverage all in a single take. The 14mm focal length is also is very forgiving - when the camera shakesc it is less noticable than a longer focal length. The declicked manual aperature is also easier to tweak with the left hand while on the goc because the right hand is holding the Glidecam. F2.8 on this lens is too soft and dreamy but I never use that f stop. The far left and right side distorts people in a weird way so I try not to frame people at the edge of frame for very long. After improving my Glidecam chopsc I recently bought the Canon 17-40mm F4 lens. The 14mm is very wide and distinctive so it should not be over used. The Canon 17-40 lens has less distortion than the Samyang 14mmc is still wide enoughc and allows me to get some medium shots at 40mm while useing the Glidecam as a low angle monopodc allowing me to get more variety without changing lenses.

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