Rokinon Xeen XN24-NEX 24mm T1.5 Professional CINE Lens for Sony E Mount (FE)

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Rokinon Xeen XN24-NEX 24mm T1.5 Professional CINE Lens for Sony E Mount (FE)

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Features an aluminum body for increased durabilityc a tripod mountc large & easy to read markingsc and a long focus throw (200 Degree) Unified focusc aperture gear and T-stop scale positions  among all Xeen by Rokinon lenses Xeen by Rokinon lenses all have a 11 bladed diaphragm & unified 114mm front diameters for use with standard matte boxes Angle of view 28.4⁰ on full frame cameras; 18.7⁰ on APS-C cameras; 19.0⁰ on Super 35 cameras & 14.4⁰ on MFT cameras weighs only 2.7  lbs.

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Rokinon Xeen XN24-NEX 24mm T1.5 Professional CINE Lens for Sony E Mount (FE)

Style: Sony FE Xeen by Rokinon is a new line of professional cine lenses.  They feature all the most important specifications of a professional cine lens.  The lenses are housed in a durable aluminum housingc focusing & aperture gears are smooth and accuratec focusing throw is generousc and the front lens diameter is 114mm.   Xeen by Rokinon lenses are all compatible with full frame cameras and are available Canon EFc Nikonc Sony FEc Micro Four Thirdsc and PL mounts. All include a 3 year warranty.  Best of allc they are affordable and are often half the price of comparable pro cine lenses!

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Ive been a cinematographer for over a decade now. Ive used everything from the cheapest plastic lenses to $60c000+ cine zooms. When Rokinon came out with their original line of cine lensesc I picked a few up and used them on several shoots. Their image quality was decent for lower budget shootsc but their build quality was a joke. The housings were made from plastic and I actually had a colleague drop one on accident from about 3 feet off the ground and it just broke into pieces. br brSo when the Xeens were announced I was skeptical. The price was far less than Zeiss or Canon for similar lensesc so the quality couldnt be on parc could it br brThe answer is an amazing YES! The build quality is veryc very similar to the Zeiss CPs or the Canon CN-Es and the image quality is phenomenal. Shane Hurlbut does a fantastic series of tests/comparisons/reviews on the Xeens which I highly recommend you watch before you buy. There is a slight green color cast to the lensesc but its easily dealt with in post and comparable to how the CPs cool the image or the CN-Es warm it. The lenses are razor sharpc even wide openc which is crazy. The focus is buttery smooth and even on the 24 you can get some nice DoF. br brHighly recommended!

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