Rokinon CV16M-MFT 16mm T2.2 Cine Wide Angle Lens for Micro 4/3 Olympus/Panasonic Cameras

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Rokinon CV16M-MFT 16mm T2.2 Cine Wide Angle Lens for Micro 4/3 Olympus/Panasonic Cameras

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Ultra wide angle Cine style 16mm lens featuring de-clicked aperture and follow focus gears Large t2.2 aperture Designed for DSLR & mirrorless cameras with cropped APS-C or micro four thirds formats Includes Removable lens hood and takes 77mm filters Available for Canon EOSc Nikonc Sony Alphac Micro 4/3c Sony E-Mount

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Rokinon CV16M-MFT 16mm T2.2 Cine Wide Angle Lens for Micro 4/3 Olympus/Panasonic Cameras

Style: Micro 4/3 The NEW Rokinon 16mm Ultra Wide Angle T/2.2 Cine Lens is Rokinons newest addition to its assortment of high qualityc affordablec prime lenses. The new 16mm lens is designed for cameras with APS-C crop frame sensors. Its build and construction are superb! Like all Rokion Cine lenses this lens features a de-clicked aperture and is follow focus compatible. The lens is constructed of 13 elements in 11 groups and features 2 aspherical lens elements. All of these lens elements combine to minimize distortion and chromatic aberrations. The lens also features a removable hood and takes a 77mm filter. Your pictures are sure to come out razor sharp and clearc even at the corners! The Rokinon 16mm Cine lens features a remarkable 83.1° angle of view on APS-C cameras and 67.6° on 4/3 cameras. The lens is available for the following mounts: Canon EOSc Nikonc Sony Alpha and NEXc and Micro Four-Thirds.

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The first thing I noticed is how well made this lens feels. It did notc howeverc lock tightly onto the camera. There is a small amount of slippage when rotating the focus ring reaches the end of travel. Its enough to make the image shift abruptly. The lens controls themselvesc howeverc do have a smooth and well dampened feel to them. The totally manual focus is silky smooth with lots of travel so you can develop a feel for the focus without looking at the lens. The focus indicator is on the left side of the lens as opposed to the topc which I find a little odd. For cinema usec howeverc it could be welcome. br brAnother thing that should be made clear is this lens is TOTALLY manualc not just manual focus. The iris is completely and only manual. The camera will not even recognize the iris setting. In additionc there is no image stabilization when using this lens even though the image stabilizer is in the camera body. This is not disclosed anywhere I could see. br brOn the Alpha seriesc when using the image stabilizer with other lensesc there is a crop factor that slightly degrades the sharpness and wide angle capability. That crop and sharpness factor is also present in this lens even though the stabilizer isnt active. You must change two camera settings to overcome this. The first is to enable the camera to shoot without a lens attached. The other is to turn off the image stabilizerc which you can not do until you first enable the camera to shoot without a lens attached. Only when you do this will you obtain the maximum sharpness this lens can deliver. br brThose shortcomings having been saidc this is an extremely sharp lens. The softness at full open aperture is very minimalc no more than is present in any lens when wide open. It actually enhances the smoothness of skin tones. There is barely any perceptible chromatic aberration. Youll see it only if you pixel peep on a still shotc but youll never notice it in a video. Sharpness is consistent from corner to corner at any aperture. There is no visible barrel distortion at the edges of the frame. Door frames look straight at any point in the camera frame. The extra stop of light gathering power is valuable in a dimly lit room where the use of external lights is not permitted. That is a strong reason to buy this lens. br brThis lens is primarily designed for cinema use and is even stated so in the packaging. For that purposec it is exemplary for a 300 dollar lens. Although I am a strong proponent of manual lens controlc I do like the idea of using a built in camera stabilizer for my hand held shots. I rarely shoot on a tripod and although I can hold a camera quite steady as I move about the roomc I cant create the silky smoothness of good camera work combined with a good image stabilizer. Of coursec a steady cam rig would solve thisc but I prefer the freedom of using the camera with no rig attached. br brIf youre using such a rig or are locked down on a tripodc you simply cant beat this lens in its price class. For my event usesc howeverc the lack of stabilization is a deal breaker.

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