Rokinon 16M-FX 16mm f/2.0 Aspherical Wide Fixed Angle Lens for Fuji X

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Rokinon 16M-FX 16mm f/2.0 Aspherical Wide Fixed Angle Lens for Fuji X

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Ultra wide angle 16mm lens Focal Length: 16mmc Minimum Focusing Distance: 7.9 inches (0.2m) Large f/2.0 aperture for low light photography and night street shooting Designed for cameras with cropped APS-C image sensorsc Includes Removable lens hood and takes 77mm filters Available for Canon EOSc Nikonc Sony Alphac Pentaxc Micro 4/3c Sony E-Mountc Canon Mc Fuji Xc and Samsung NX Lens not Zoomable

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Rokinon 16M-FX 16mm f/2.0 Aspherical Wide Fixed Angle Lens for Fuji X

Style: Fuji X The NEW Rokinon 16mm Ultra Wide Angle F/2.0 Aspherical Lens is Rokinons newest addition to its assortment of high qualityc affordablec prime lenses. The new 16mm lens is designed for cameras with APS-C crop frame sensors. Its build and construction are superb! The lens is constructed of 13 elements in 11 groups and features 2 aspherical lens elements. All of these lens elements combine to minimize distortion and chromatic aberrations. The lens also features a removable hood and takes a 77mm filter. Your pictures are sure to come out razor sharp and clearc even at the corners! The Rokinon 16mm lens features a remarkable 83.1-Degrees angle of view on APS-C cameras and 67.6-Degrees on 4/3 cameras. The lens is available for the following mounts: Canon EOSc Nikonc Sony Alphac Pentaxc Canon Mc Sony E-Mountc Micro 4/3c Fuji X and Samsung NX. The Nikon mount features a built-in AE chip for auto aperturec exposure and metering with your camera.

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I bought this lens for astrophotography in mindc so this review is for that alonec but Ill share a couple landscape photos with it. I used it with my Canon 70D with this Neewer timer ( and this Dolica Compact Tripod ( on a recent backpacking excursion. I have a more expensive L series lens that didnt even make it out of the bag. This lens was definitely made with landscape and astro in mind with its manual focusc but after a few test shotsc I didnt notice much. Most of those photos were take at or near infinity focus and if it saves me big bucksc Im all for it. br brThe Good: br-This is the fastest lens at this focal lengthc which makes it one of the best for ASP-C sensor cameras. I considered the 24mm f/1.4c but with reviews saying to step it down to 1.8 I opted for the wider angle. br-The focus is effortless and gives a lot of control through the range. This was perfect for focusing sharply in the middle of the night. br-Aspherical Elements - this camera was built to have great focus all the way to the edge of your photos. br brThe Meh- br-The construction is solidc but mostly plastic. Cost savings are a plus but it doesnt have the same heft. br-As wide as this lens isc Id love wider. Rokinon/Samyang doesnt have a fisheye for APS-C fast enough for astro yetc but when it does Ill be on the wait list to buy. br br(Astro photos taken at 18 seconds f/2.0)

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