Rokinon 135mm F2.0 ED UMC Telephoto Lens for Pentax Digital SLR Cameras

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Rokinon 135mm F2.0 ED UMC Telephoto Lens for Pentax Digital SLR Cameras

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Rokinon Ultra Multi-Coated (UMC) Optics Minimum Focusing Distance of 2.6 ft. with fast apertures of f2.0 - f22 Features 9 diaphragm blades and includes a removable lens hood Includes lens pouchc front and rear lens capsc removable lens hood and 1 year Rokinon warranty

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Rokinon 135mm F2.0 ED UMC Telephoto Lens for Pentax Digital SLR Cameras

Style: Pentax On the heels of the recently introduced Rokinon 12mm Fisheye and 50mm F1.4 lensesc Rokinon expands its already impressive Full Frame Prime Lens lineup with the Rokinon 135mm f2.0 ED UMC Digital Telephoto Lens. This high speed telephoto feature a circular 9-blade diaphragm for superb out-of-focus highlights (Bokeh)c a non-rotating filter mountc high performance ED glass elementsc UMC anti-reflective Ultra Multi-Coatingc close focusing to 2.6 feet and is tightly color matched to the Rokinon lens system. The Rokinon 135mm f2.0 is available in lens mounts for Canon EOSc Nikon (With AE Chip)c Sony Ec Sony Ac Pentax Kc Micro 4/3c Fuji X and Samsung NX.

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I like to shoot portraits and 135mm on full frame sensors is my most favorite focal length; this lens is the first native 135mm for the Sony E-mount. I already have the Rokinon (aka Samyang) 85mm f/1.4 and I love itc so as soon as this lens became available I decided to make an order. I just received mine today and did some quick test shots and can confirm that the 135mm f/2 by Rokinon is incredibly sharp even wide open. To mec the 100% crops are jaw dropping. The bokeh is also creamy and gorgeous. As you knowc this is a manual focus lens but focus peaking on the Sony a7 series cameras makes focusing very easy. What also helps is that the focus throw of this lens is long unlike some other lenses. The build quality is good (seems like the exterior is made of high quality plastics) but I dont think it is weather sealed (Rokinon did not make that claim as far as I know). Overallc I am very satisfied. I will try to update this review when I spend more time with this baby. br brUPDATE 1 (04 March 2015): After taking more shots with this lens I can still confirm that it is tack sharp. It is not Zeiss APO sharp corner-to-corner but stillc you are getting A LOT of bang for the buck. I took shots of stationary birds at f/2.0 using this lens on an A7ii and the feathers of the birds were still clearly visible and sharp after heavy cropping. The colors that this lens renders are good but I wont call them great compared to the more expensive primes by Zeiss (could be the coatings); I find myself always increasing the saturation in Lightroom for more pop. When shooting wide openc I did notice dark vignetting at the corners but that is easily corrected in post processing and it is something that you can find in much more expensive lenses. This does not bother me at all. So farc I did not notice fringing or chromatic aberration whichc in comparisonc is something you will notice right away if you are using the Sony Zeiss 135mm/1.8 made for the Alpha mount (which sells for three times the price of this lens). Againc Ive had the Rokinon 135mm lens for less than 3 weeks but I just wanted to provide a quick update of my experience with it after using it for taking more than 200 shots. Considering the price and the performancec I still think that this lens is worth my five stars rating. If it was selling for double that price I might have just docked one point and gave it 4 out of 5 for the vignettingc colors (kinda!)c and lack of weather sealing. br brUPDATE 2 (02 January /2016): This is actually my third update butc for some reasonc Amazon never published my second one which I tried to post some months ago. Anyways! I am happy to report that after using this lens for more than 1000 shotsc I still find it an absolute gem. I am a 135mm fanatic and this lens does not disappoint at all. Wherever I goc I make sure that it is in my camera bag; always picking it over the more versatile and much more expensive 70-200. The quality of the bokeh and subject separation are just incredible and the sharpness wide-open leaves nothing to be desired. After using it extensivelyc I found that its main weakness is that the contrast drops when you focus on far bright subjects close to infinity (i.e. the sky). For portraits thoughc I still find this lens to be unbeatable unless if you are willing to pay four times the price to get the Zeiss 135mm APO (as I said above). In the pastc many people slammed rokinon/samyang for low quality controlc but so farc I had no issues whatsoever with this lens. The focus ring is still buttery smooth and the quality of the photos I get from this lens is consistent. I attached few of the shots I took with this lensc all at f/2.

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