Rokinon 10mm F2.8 ED AS NCS CS Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Fuji X Mount Digital Cameras (10M-FX)

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Rokinon 10mm F2.8 ED AS NCS CS Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Fuji X Mount Digital Cameras (10M-FX)

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Nano Crystal Coating System (NCS) for increased light transmission and reduced internal reflections Fast F2.8 maximum Aperture + close-focusing to 9.5 inches maximum versatility in all shooting conditions Optimized for excellent optical quality and true ultra-wide 110 degree edge to edge coverage with APS-C sensor digital cameras Utilizes 3 high precision (2 Aspherical + 1 ED) lens elements for superior image quality Inner focusing system (IF) - length doesnt change and front element does not rotate - keeps integrated petal-type lens hood properly oriented

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Rokinon 10mm F2.8 ED AS NCS CS Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Fuji X Mount Digital Cameras (10M-FX)

Style: Fuji X Rokinons 10mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Lens is the newest addition to its highly regarded assortment of primec fixed mountc wide angle lenses. Specifically designed for APS-C camerasc it utilizes a Nano Crystal Anti-Reflection Coating Systemc Aspherical Lens Elements and Extra Low Dispersion Glass to provide a high performance frame filling ultra-wide view equivalent to a 15mm lens (16mm for Canon APS-C DSLR’s) on a full frame camera. The 110 degree angle of view with its fast f/2.8 aperture provides the performance required by architectural and landscape photographers to capture dramatic perspectives while its extreme depth of field and 9.5” (.24m) close focus capability allow commercial photographers and journalists working in tight spaces to get that needed shot. For full frame camerasc see Rokinons 14mm F2.8 lens.

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I bought this lens mostly for night sky photography. The 10mm focal length makes for a very wide anglec and the f/2.8 aperture allows plenty of light to be captured. I dont notice much of any vignetting on the edges of the shot due to the small focal length. brShooting during the day takes some adjusting of the shutter speed within the camera and the aperture on the lensc which is manual only. Once you get those setc its just a matter of making small adjustments as needed. brThe lens is quite heavyc which I dont mind - I find it a sign of the quality of the product. The lens cap seems to fit quite well as well. brOverallc I definitely love the lensc and would recommend it to anyone looking for a wide angle lens for darker environments. br brUPDATE: brAfter working with this lens some morec I am starting to finally realize how awesome it is. I use it mostly for night sky shotsc as seen in the pictures I uploadedc but it is also phenomenal for daytime landscape shots as well. Given the short 10mm focal lengthc it allows very long night sky exposuresc with minimal star trailingc assuming you keep the exposures 50 seconds or less (going off the 500 rule: 500 / focal length maximum exposure time to avoid blurring and star trails). To get the best sharpness out of itc you will have to live shootc and zoom in digitally to make sure your subject is in focus. For long exposure night sky photographyc I will take a shotc review the image and zoom in on some stars to see how well they focus. While the lens can focus to infinityc it actually goes slightly past itc so some adjustments are necessaryc but this is due to the nature of long exposure photographyc where automatic focus is useless anyways.

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