Rechargeable Portable AUX IN Speaker Dock 3.5mm With Deep Bass (PSK3002GR)

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Rechargeable Portable AUX IN Speaker Dock 3.5mm With Deep Bass (PSK3002GR)

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Easily Connect Your Smartphonec Kindlec iPadc iPhonec Andoirdc Tabletc Galaxyc MP3 Player High-Definition Stereo Sound With Deep Bass And Clear Highs AUX IN (3.5mm) Functionc Removable Strap For Easy Carryingc Top Cradle For Devices Two-Way Power: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (Included) Or 4 X AA (Not Included) Polaroid - Instantly Recognizablec Instantly Reassuring. Lets You Know Youve Purchased A Product That Exemplifies The Best Quality Of Our Brand.

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Rechargeable Portable AUX IN Speaker Dock 3.5mm With Deep Bass (PSK3002GR)

Color: Green  |  Product Packaging: Standard Packaging These speakers may have Retro stylec but they dont skimp on modern-day conveniences. You can easily connect your smartphone or other music devices for a great listening experience in high-definition stereo soundc with deep bass and clear highs. The included long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery and detach- able carrying strap allow you to enjoy your music anywhere.

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This is basically a box with two speakers in the front. Yesc those two big speakers are functional. They are exposedc thoughc so this isnt something to have in an environment where they could get damaged. brThe device is powered by three AA batteriesc and it also comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Both types of batteries can be inserted at the same timec so its a dual source battery operated device. brThe phone connects through a cable. You plug one end into the headphone jack in your phonec and the other end goes into the back of the box. This cable comes with the device. There is also a usb cable that connects to a laptop so you can recharge the li-ion battery. brThe sound quality is pretty goodc a nicec round sound. Definitely better than the speaker on your phone. br brThis device is useful when you dont want to have to use Blue-tooth to connect to the speaker. You just plug your phone inc and you get better sound. There is a groove in the top of the unit for a phone to sit inc so you can carry both from room to room. brOverallc this is a simple solution for getting better sound out of your phone.

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