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Zip Ties 8 inch 1000pcs - Review

Zip Ties 8 inch 1000pcs Black Cable Ties Heavy Duty Plastic Wire Ties Cord Management Ties with 50 Pounds Tensile Strength, Multi-Purpose Nylon Tie Wraps for Home, Office, Garden, Workshop

8.8 / 10

Zip Ties 8 inch 1000pcs

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Zip Ties 8 inch 1000pcs Black Cable Ties Heavy Duty Plastic Wire Ties Cord Management Ties with 50 Pounds Tensile Strength, Multi-Purpose Nylon Tie Wraps for Home, Office, Garden, Workshop - A Comprehensive Review of Mvyc's Product

Zip ties, also known as cable ties or wire ties, are an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to organize cables, wires, ropes or any other kind of item that needs to be secured. With the increasing need for cord management in homes, offices, gardens, and workshops, zip ties have become an essential item for all.

In this review, we will be discussing the MVYC Black Cable Ties, which are 8 inches in length and are available in a pack of 1000. These heavy-duty plastic wire ties have a tensile strength of 50 pounds and are versatile in their use. They are designed to meet the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Super Valuable

The MVYC Black Cable Ties come in a pack of 1000, which makes them an exceptional value for money. Whether you need them for commercial or personal purposes, there is no denying that this package is unlikely to run out anytime soon.

Heavy Duty Black Zip Tie

The strength of a zip tie comes from its width, and these ties are wider than average, measuring 0.19 inches or 4.8mm wide. This additional width ensures that the ties are stronger than others of the same size and can be used for a broader range of projects. With a tensile strength of 50 pounds, these cable ties are perfect for heavy-duty applications, such as repairing tree branches, fixing fences, strengthening cages, organizing electrical wires and hanging lights and plants, among many others.

High Quality Zip Ties Black

The MVYC Black Cable Ties are made of industrial-strength PA-66 nylon, which is flexible and durable, resistant to UV rays, high temperatures and fire. This makes them perfect for use in outdoor environments, as they are engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Black Cable Ties Self-locking Design

The MVYC Black Cable Ties feature a self-locking fastener design that is easy to handle and prevents snagging, making them easy to use and practical. They will not easily loosen up, slip or break, making them ideal for securing items that need to remain fastened.

Multiple Purpose Cable Zip Ties

The MVYC Black Cable Ties are designed for multi-purpose use, making them versatile for different projects, such as those involving organizing cables or cords, binding items, attaching tags, as well as general fastening. This makes them an excellent choice for offices, homes, workshops, and outdoor activities like gardening, camping and traveling, among others. They are also ideal for hobbyists, craftsmen, and DIY enthusiasts who need reliable and practical ways to manage their workspace.

Customer Review Stars & Count

The MVYC Black Cable Ties have been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by 75 customers, which is an impressive rating. This shows that the quality and reliability of the product are consistent and dependable.


In conclusion, the MVYC Black Cable Ties are an excellent choice for anyone who needs an affordable, durable, and versatile solution for organizing cords, cables, ropes or any other item that requires fastening. Their high tensile strength, black self-locking design, and excellent quality make them a popular choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Moreover, with 1000 pieces in each package, they are an outstanding value for money.

Zip Ties 8 inch 1000pcs

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