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ZealSound USB Microphone,Condenser Computer PC Mic,Plug&Play Gaming Microphones for PS 4&5.Headphone Output&Volume Control,Mic Gain Control,Mute Button for Vocal,YouTube Podcast on Mac&Windows(Black)

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Product Review: ZealSound USB Microphone, Your Ultimate Recording Buddy

If you are a content creator, gamer, vlogger, or podcaster looking for a high-quality USB microphone, look no further than the ZealSound USB Microphone. This condenser computer PC mic is a plug-and-play setup that can be used with MacBook, PS 4 & 5, Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

With its professional mic gain knob, excellent sound quality, real-time monitor, and accessory package that includes an external microphone stand base, USB cable, and adapters, this microphone is perfect for podcasting, gaming, streaming, Skype chatting, online conference, voice-over artists, and more.


The ZealSound USB Microphone features an all-metal construction external microphone stand base and a sturdy and durable studio-grade k66 series black microphone. The microphone itself is not too big and has a sleek design that fits well with a modern setup. The microphone is black and looks professional without being too flashy.

The microphone has a cardioid polar pattern, which means it is designed to pick up sound in front of it while minimizing noise and feedback from the sides and rear. This is ideal for recording voiceovers, podcasting, or gaming.


Setting up the ZealSound USB Microphone is a breeze, as it has a streamlined plug-and-play setup. No additional drivers are required, and the USB output enables direct integration with a desktop or laptop computer or PS 4 & 5. Plus, the included adapter makes it compatible with new iPhone and iPad Pro, and the Type C to USB adapter is compatible with all Type C devices like phones, tablets, and PCs.

Sound Quality

The ZealSound USB Microphone is built to deliver crystal clear, well-balanced reproduction across a wide frequency response and handles high SPLs. The microphone provides detailed, quality faithful sound suitable for studio or on-the-road use.

The microphone features a gain knob that can be freely adjusted to get a great sound during the recording process. You can turn the gain down to effectively reduce room noise pick-up, and counter-clockwise for more sensibility. The Echo function has a level control and can be turned off with the echo knob.

Real-Time Monitoring

The desk microphone's 3.5mm stereo headphone output provides direct, latency-free monitoring. It allows you to monitor the microphone input in real-time, making it ideal for home studio, home karaoke, gaming, singing, chatting, Smule, Garageband, Skype, Discord, Yahoo Recording, YouTube Recording, Google Voice Search, Zoom meetings, online class, and live stream.

Accessory Package

The ZealSound USB Microphone comes with an accessory package that includes:

- An external microphone stand base: Made out of all-metal construction, this base is durable and sturdy, ensuring the microphone stays in place during recording.

- USB Audio cable: This cable connects the microphone to your computer or other devices with a USB port.

- Type C Adapter: This adapter is for the newest MacBook and all other Type C devices like phones, tablets, and PCs.

- Adapter for iPhone and iPad: This adapter enables the microphone to be used with new iPhones and iPad Pros.

- Microphone foam windscreen: This windscreen helps to reduce unwanted noise and wind during recordings.

- User manual: The manual provides detailed instructions on how to set up and use the microphone.

- Free Technical Support: The company provides excellent customer service, and you can contact them any time for support.


- Great sound quality

- Plug and Play setup

- Professional design

- Real-time monitoring

- Easy to adjust microphone gain


- Some users mentioned that the microphone picks up too much background noise.


The ZealSound USB Microphone is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality USB mic for content creation, gaming, or podcasting. The microphone is easy to set up, has a great design, and delivers crystal clear sound quality. The real-time monitoring feature is a bonus, as it allows you to hear exactly what is being recorded in real-time.

While some users complained about background noise, this is a common issue with most microphones, and can be solved by adjusting the microphone gain or using a noise reduction software. Overall, the ZealSound USB Microphone is a great investment that will dramatically improve your recordings, and is definitely worth considering.

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