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XHYCPY Inflatable Projector Screen 15ft Inflatable Movie Screen Outdoor with Air Blower and Storage Bag, Easy Set up, Front and Rear Projection for Outdoor Movie Night Backyard Pool Fun (15feet)

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XHYCPY Inflatable Projector Screen – The Ultimate Outdoor Movie Experience for Everyone!

If you love outdoor movies, you know that setting up a proper projector screen can be a hassle. But, thanks to the XHYCPY Inflatable Projector Screen, it can be a breeze. The inflatable projector screen is perfect for outdoor movie night, backyard pool fun, and any other event where you want to watch movies on a big screen.

The setup process of this inflatable projector screen is incredibly easy, and can be done by just one person. It comes with all the necessary items in the package, including the white screen, support frame, high power blower, carry bag, tethers, and stake. You don't even need any other tools to get started! Within 10 minutes, you'll have your inflatable projector screen ready to go. However, users should note that the blower needs to remain on to keep the screen inflated, so make sure that you zip up the zipper before inflating.

One of the best features of the XHYCPY Inflatable Projector Screen is its flexibility in front/rear projection. This inflatable projector screen has been upgraded to support both projection methods, which makes it different from many other outdoor projector screens available on the market. With a 160° wide viewing angle and 16:9 screen ratio, you can enjoy a movie from any angle! The high color reduction further enhances the viewing experience, providing clear and vibrant picture quality.

The high-power 110v 180w blower included in the package can blow up this movie screen in just 2 minutes, unlike other built-in low-power blowers that can't support the frame to inflate. Additionally, the blower is hardly noticeable once the movie starts, providing an immersive movie-watching experience. This feature ensures that the screen stays inflated and that your movie will be uninterrupted.

One of the coolest things about the XHYCPY Inflatable Projector Screen is how portable it is. This amazing projector screen comes with a convenient storage bag that allows you to take it with you wherever you want. The screen is lightweight enough to take with you on every relevant occasion, making it the perfect item for impressive projections. You don't need a special occasion to set up your outdoor movie theater now!

The screen is easy to maintain for all users. The black frame is made of 210D Oxford cloth, which is durable and does not fade. Meanwhile, the white screen is removable for easy cleaning and safe storage. The screen can also be washed using a machine, making it incredibly convenient for maintaining. However, it is recommended that the screen and frame be stored separately to prevent the white screen from getting dirty.

XHYCPY Inflatable Projector Screen has been well received by customers all over the world, as is demonstrated by its impressive customer review stars of 4.6 out of 5 stars and a review count of 945. With many satisfied customers, it's clear that this inflatable projector screen is a must-have for a memorable outdoor movie experience.


In conclusion, the XHYCPY Inflatable Projector Screen is a great product for anyone who loves outdoor movies. The easy setup process, flexibility of front/rear projection, powerful yet quiet blower, portability, and easy maintenance make this inflatable screen a dream product for all outdoor movie enthusiasts. Moreover, the product has been well received by customers, providing reassurance of its quality. You won't regret purchasing an XHYCPY Inflatable Projector Screen, as it is guaranteed to provide you with an unforgettable outdoor movie experience.

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