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Wire Covers for 2 Cords, - Review

Wire Covers for 2 Cords, 68in Wire Hider On Wall Mounted, White Cord Cover Kit, Cable Cover Paintable, Cable Concealer for Extension Cord, Ethernet Cable, Speaker Wire Hider, 4X L17in W0.7in H0.4in

9.2 / 10

Wire Covers for 2 Cords,

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Wire Covers for 2 Cords, 68in Wire Hider On Wall Mounted, White Cord Cover Kit, Cable Cover Paintable, Cable Concealer for Extension Cord, Ethernet Cable, Speaker Wire Hider, 4X L17in W0.7in H0.4in – A Must-Have for a More Organized and Safer Home

In this review, we are going to take a closer look at the Wire Covers for 2 Cords from ZhiYo. This cord cover kit is designed to hide unsightly cords in your home or office and provide a more organized and safer living environment.

First, let’s talk about the product’s specifications. The ZhiYo cord channel comes in a 4-pack of W0.7”× H0.4” sections, each of which is 17 inches long, for a total length of 68 inches. This is a perfect wire cover for 1-2 cords and is suitable for concealing extension cords, ethernet cables, and speaker wires.

One of the best features of this wire hider is its simple and fast installation. The pre-applied adhesive tape makes it easy for anyone to install, even without any prior experience. You just need to peel and stick the cable cover base to the wall and place the wires inside the channel. However, it is important to note that the adhesive tapes may not be suitable for textured walls/surfaces.

Another great thing about this cable track is that it is an affordable option. With this ZhiYo wire channel, you can hide messy cables easily without damaging your wall with screw holes. Plus, the wire cover is made of high-quality PVC material, which provides better flame retardancy, making it safer and more reliable.

The ZhiYo wire cover is also designed to keep your child and pets safe from danger. Dangling wires can be a serious tripping hazard and can cause harm to your loved ones. With the wall cord cover, you can keep your living room organized and safe for everyone.

The wire cover is also paintable and cuttable. Its streamlined design and natural white color make it perfect for any surroundings and wall-mounted TV. You can easily cut the cable raceway to fit any length you need and paint it to match your home decor for a perfect view.

In terms of customer reviews, the ZhiYo Wire Covers for 2 Cords has 4.6 out of 5 stars and 718 reviews. Customers are generally satisfied with this product, citing its ease of installation, affordability, and effectiveness in hiding cords.

In conclusion, the ZhiYo Wire Covers for 2 Cords is a must-have for anyone looking to hide unsightly cords and improve the safety of their living space. With its simple installation process, affordable price, and high-quality PVC material, this cable cover kit is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their home’s organization and aesthetics.

Wire Covers for 2 Cords,

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