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White Cable Sleeve Cover, 2 - Review

White Cable Sleeve Cover, 2 Pack 5ft - 1.2inch, AGPTEK Cord Management System for Desk PC TV Computer Projector Wires Protection and Organization, Home, Theater and Office, White

9.2 / 10

White Cable Sleeve Cover, 2

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White Cable Sleeve Cover, 2 Pack 5ft - 1.2inch, AGPTEK Cord Management System for Desk PC TV Computer Projector Wires Protection and Organization, Home, Theater and Office, White - Product Review

Do you have endless cables running around your workspace or home, making it look untidy and cluttered? If you answered yes, AGPTEK might just have the perfect solution for you. They have introduced a Self-Closing Cable Duct product that can make cable management at your desk fun and productive.

The AGPTEK Self-Closing Cable Duct is a cord management system that is designed to make fast bundling, hiding, and tidying up cords and wires easy. This cable sleeve cover comes in a pack of two and measures 5ft long with a diameter of 0.75-1.2 inches, which is suitable for holding multiple cables of different sizes. The Self-Closing design allows you to easily wrap your cables while securing them tightly, preventing them from getting tangled up.

With AGPTEK Cable Duct, you no longer have to worry about cable damage, as the product offers optimal protection to your cables while keeping them safe from being damaged or disconnected. The flame-retardant material used in making the self-adhesive black cable duct ensures durability and high temperature resistance with a temperature range of -50°C ~ +150°C, and no chemical smell.

This cable sleeve cover is versatile, making it ideal for both home and office uses, including TV set-ups, computers, desk accessories, projectors, in-car mobiles, and many more. It not only serves as a protective barrier, but also protects children and pets from coming into contact with the dangling cables getting gnawed, reducing the risk of electrical shock.

Installation of the AGPTEK Cable Duct is easy and perfect for DIY enthusiasts. It does not require a professional to install it. Use scissors to cut the duct to your preferred length and cut the end with fire to prevent it from spreading, making it safe and environmentally friendly. The cable sleeve cover ensures your space stays clean by hiding your cables without having to call in operators.

After reviewing and analyzing the product, I found the AGPTEK Self-Closing Cable Duct impressive, practical, and a must-have for anyone struggling with cable clutter. It is a perfect product that can help you organize your workspace, preventing accidents while maintaining a clean environment.

In summary, here are the pros and cons of the AGPTEK Cable Duct:


- The Self-Closing Design is convenient and easy to use

- Highly versatile for various applications

- Made of durable and flame-retardant material

- Can withstand a wide range of temperatures

- Keeps cables hidden and secure, promoting a clean and organized environment

- Reduces the risk of accidents.


- Requires cutting the duct with fire after cutting with scissors.

In conclusion, the AGPTEK Cable Duct is a product worth considering, given its practicality and convenience in managing cables. With over 10,800 positive reviews and a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, it is evident that many users are satisfied with the product, making it worth giving a try.

White Cable Sleeve Cover, 2

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