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ULANZI Camera Tripod, Mini Flexible Tripod Stand with Hidden Phone Holder w Cold Shoe Mount, 1/4'' Screw for Magic Arm, Universal for iPhone 13 12 Pro Max XS Max X 8 Samsung Canon Nikon Sony Cameras

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As someone who loves to take photos and videos on the go, I'm always on the lookout for a versatile and compact tripod that can support both my smartphone and camera. That's why I was excited to try out the ULANZI Camera Tripod, a mini flexible tripod stand that boasts a hidden phone holder with a cold shoe mount, a 1/4'' screw for a magic arm, and wide compatibility with popular devices like the iPhone 13, Samsung, Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras.

First off, let's talk about the hidden phone tripod mount with the cold shoe. This is a great feature for those of us who like to shoot selfie vlogs or use our phones for video conferencing or live streaming. The mount is easy to screw on and off the tripod, and it securely holds your phone in place with a spring-loaded clamp that can accommodate phone sizes from 65-95mm. The cold shoe mount is a game-changer, as it allows you to attach a microphone or LED light to your phone for better audio and lighting. This is especially useful in low-light environments or noisy settings where you want to capture clear audio without having to hold a separate mic.

The 1/4'' thread for extension is another handy feature that expands the tripod's versatility. If you have a magic arm or other accessory that uses a 1/4'' screw, you can easily attach it to the tripod for added functionality. This is ideal for photographers who need to mount additional gear like monitors, lights, or remote shutter releases to their cameras or smartphones.

Speaking of compatibility, I was impressed with the range of devices that can be used with the ULANZI tripod. As someone who owns both an iPhone and a Sony camera, I appreciate that the tripod supports both types of devices, as well as many others. The universal 1/4'' screw makes it easy to attach your camera or smartphone to the tripod, and the clamp grips tightly to prevent slippage.

One particularly neat feature of the ULANZI tripod is its ability to support both vertical and horizontal shooting. The ball head allows the smartphone clip to rotate 180°, which means you can easily switch between these two orientations as needed. Whether you're taking a portrait photo or landscape video, the tripod is designed to accommodate your needs.

Another aspect of the tripod that I appreciate is its flexibility. The octopus-style legs can be twisted and adjusted to wrap around various objects and surfaces, such as lampposts, fence posts, tree limbs, chairs, doorknobs, and more. This makes it ideal for shooting in unconventional or hard-to-reach locations, and it eliminates the need to carry a separate selfie stick or traditional tripod. The legs are also quite stable, especially when the tripod is used on a flat surface like a tabletop or the ground.

Overall, I'm very pleased with the ULANZI Camera Tripod and would recommend it to anyone who wants a versatile and compact tripod that can hold both their smartphone and camera. The hidden phone holder with cold shoe mount is a killer feature that sets it apart from other mini tripods, and the wide compatibility with popular devices is a major plus. I also appreciate the 1/4'' screw for extension and the ability to shoot both vertically and horizontally. Whether you're taking selfies, vlogs, or professional-grade photos and videos, the ULANZI tripod is a great tool to have in your kit.

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