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The Handler (Floating Hand Grip) - Official GoPro Accessory (AFHGM-003) for Cameras

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In this day and age where capturing memories and moments with high-quality cameras and gadgets is a norm, GoPro has become a popular choice amongst avid photographers and tourists alike. One of their most popular accessories that have garnered a high rating and favorable reviews is the Handler (Floating Hand Grip) - Official GoPro Accessory (AFHGM-003) for Cameras.

As a GoPro camera owner, I've recently purchased the Handler which comes in handy when taking photos or videos of the water. The Handler has a floatation device that keeps the camera afloat, making it more worry-free to take shots in and around the water. Prior to having the Handler, I would be constantly holding on to my GoPro tightly, anxious of losing it if I accidentally dropped it in shallow waters. Thankfully I found out about the Handler, and it has definitely saved me a lot of stress and worry.

One of the features of the Handler that personally stood out for me was its easy-to-switch mounts with a quick release base. I found this feature really helpful when transferring my camera from mount to mount without having to unscrew my camera from its original mount. The quick-release base also helped me to seamlessly switch between different angles and positions, making it easier for me to capture various shots in my recent travels.

Another feature of the Handler that made the purchase worth it for me is its comfortable, non-slip construction for a secure grip. While taking photos or videos, I wouldn't have to worry about dropping my camera due to accidental slippage, thanks to the non-slip construction of the Handler. I found this particularly helpful when I go kayaking or wakeboarding since being in motion could be a bit tricky to get proper shots.

The Handler is also an excellent water sports accessory. As someone who's into water sports, I've had my fair share of water accessories that did not meet expectations. However, the Handler is different, and it exceeded my expectations. Its secure grip has been able to withstand the waves and motions of water, all while allowing me to focus on capturing amazing memories.

Additionally, the Handler comes with a wrist strap lanyard for extra security, making me feel more at ease when using my GoPro in the water. The wrist strap lanyard is really helpful when taking photos of marine life or when I'm in deep waters, as it provides double security and an extra layer of protection for my camera.

One drawback I noticed for this product is that the foam padding could wear out over time, especially for frequent users. However, it's a small issue that can easily be fixed by purchasing foam padding made for GoPro accessories.

Overall, I am thrilled with my Handler purchase. It's a handy and practical accessory for water sports enthusiasts and photographers, and its ratings and reviews from other customers speak for themselves. The Handler has truly surpassed my expectations in terms of functionality and quality. If you're someone who loves adventure or simply wants to capture great memories in the water worry-free, I highly recommend the Handler - Official GoPro Accessory.

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