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Telephone Cord, Phone Cord,Handset Cord, Black, 2 Pack, Universally Compatible

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Communication is the key to success in any business, and a reliable telephone cord is an essential part of communication in any office. A poor quality cord can result in unclear and interrupted calls, which can leave a bad impression on clients and eventually lead to loss of business. Comtrue, a leading brand of telecommunication accessories, has designed a Universal Phone Cord that promises clear, smooth and uninterrupted communication, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Premium Quality:

Comtrue has ensured each phone cord has been hand-selected and tested to meet premium quality standards. This attention to detail ensures that the product can withstand the rigorous demands of an office environment. The premium quality also promises durability, eliminating the need for frequent replacements, and in turn, saving costs.

Universally Compatible:

The two RJ9 standard plugs on the Comtrue phone cord make it universally compatible with all telephones. This feature ensures that the cord's compatibility is not limited to a single brand or model, making it an ideal purchase for businesses with multiple telephone models in their offices.

Clear and Smooth Communication:

The pins of plugs on the Comtrue phone cord are coated with thicker gold plate than those on the market, ensuring good signal transfer and clear communication. Additionally, the copper cores in the wires facilitate signal transfer and clear, smooth communication between individuals or within teams. Investing in Comtrue's phone cord guarantees that clarity and smooth communication are maintained throughout office conversations.

Good Elasticity:

The Comtrue phone cord has good elasticity, which ensures it retracts quickly after being elongated to avoid tangling. The highly tangled wires are often instrumental in causing disruptions during calls, resulting in unpleasant experiences for both parties. The good elasticity feature on this cord is a testimony to its well-thought design, which adds to the overall user experience of the product.


The Comtrue phone cord comes in a frequently used length in the office – 11.5 feet when uncoiled, with the coiled part being 16 inches long. Although it can be pulled up to 6 feet, the 2 to 3 feet length is commonly used by office workers. The length of the cord is an essential factor to consider when purchasing as shorter or longer cords can be cumbersome and limit workspace dynamics. With this consideration, Comtrue created an ideal length for most offices, ensuring maximum mobility and flexibility.

Customer Reviews:

Comtrue Universal Phone Cord is loved by many, with 4.6 out of 5 stars and an impressive review count of 5343. Most customers appreciate the premium quality of the product, its compatibility, clear communication and the good elasticity function. The product's durability and design also make it a top choice for several customers for everyday use.


Investing in The Comtrue Universal Phone Cord is a decision that will benefit offices and businesses in the long term. The product's premium quality and compatibility with multiple telephone models make it an essential office accessory. It facilitates smooth and clear communication, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency within teams. The good elasticity feature provides comfort and flexibility while the ideal office-length of 11.5 feet makes it an appropriate option for most office set-ups. The overwhelmingly positive customer reviews of the product reinforce its utility and effectiveness in real-time usage. Thus, the Comtrue Universal Phone Cord comes highly-recommended for businesses seeking to upgrade the quality of their communication systems.

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