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From StarTech 4U Wall Mount Network Rack - 14 Inch Deep (Low Profile) - 19" Patch Panel Bracket for Shallow Server and IT Equipment, Network Switches - 44lbs/20kg Weight Capacity, Black (WALLMOUNT4)

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When it comes to networking equipment and server organization, there are a lot of options available in the market. For those looking for a space-saving and efficient solution, the 4U Wall Mount Network Rack is a reliable choice that offers versatility and durability.

This wall-mounted rack is only 14 inches deep, making it perfect for shallow server and IT equipment. With a recommended maximum mounting depth of 12 inches, this rack allows for 2 inches of cable routing so that wires can be neatly arranged for efficient management. The maximum weight capacity of 44 pounds is more than enough for most IT equipment, switches, and patch panels. takes reliability seriously, and this low profile wall-mounted rack is no exception. Made with cold-rolled steel construction, this rack can easily withstand wear and tear that comes with housing networking equipment. Unlike other racks on the market, this option doesn't require any mounting hardware since it comes fully assembled with M6 screws and M6 cage nuts, which makes installation incredibly easy.

The 4U Wall Mount Network Rack is also space-saving, which makes it ideal for server rooms, IT closets, and customer-facing areas. Its compact nature, combined with the secure mounting solution, reduces unnecessary clutter created by loose cables and wires, so that you can keep your equipment organized and easily accessible.

In addition to being exceptionally space-saving and convenient, this rack also features easy cable management. With rear cable routing access, it is easy to keep your cables organized and tidy, making it easier to identify and manage individual components when you need them.

One of the most significant advantages of this rack is the fact that it can be easily installed on 16-inch studs with mounting holes. This means that you can install it yourself in a matter of minutes, without requiring professional help. This low profile wall-mounted rack from comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, and the instructions are easy to follow.

One downside of this rack is that it is not adjustable. Because of its fixed depth and height, it may not accommodate certain equipment that needs a different size. Before purchasing this rack, it's advisable to check the size of each of your components and ensure that they fit within the recommended dimensions.

Overall, the 4U Wall Mount Network Rack is a reliable, space-saving, and durable solution ideal for those who require a low profile wall-mounted rack. Its easy cable management is a particular advantage, which helps to keep your network and server rooms tidy and well-arranged. With its easy installation process, cold-rolled steel construction, and a recommended maximum weight capacity of 44lbs, it is an excellent addition to any IT environment.

In conclusion, Whether you are a start-up, home-based office, or a large corporation, this low profile wall-mounted rack from is an excellent option for those looking for an efficient and space-saving way to organize their IT equipment. With hundreds of positive reviews and a reputable brand name, it's a sound investment in your network's strength and durability.

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