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StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Smartphone - Review

StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Smartphone App-Enabled Telescope – Works with StarSense App to Help You Find Stars, Planets & More – 130mm Newtonian Reflector – iPhone/Android Compatible

8.2 / 10

StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Smartphone

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As an avid astronomy enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to explore different types of telescopes. One product that has caught my attention recently is the Celestron StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Smartphone App-Enabled Telescope. This telescope is designed for beginners who want to explore the night sky without prior telescope experience. With a plethora of features, this telescope offers great value for money.

One of the standout features of the StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ is that it is smartphone app-enabled. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The purpose of the app is to guide you through the night sky by analyzing star patterns overhead and calculating the telescope's position in real-time. This means you do not need to be familiar with constellations and specific celestial bodies to know what you are looking at. Just follow the arrows on the app, and you will be able to find stars, planets, and more with ease.

The app uses patented StarSense sky recognition technology, which is included in the telescope. This technology allows for easier, faster, and more accurate alignment of the telescope. For beginners, lining up the telescope can be a daunting task, but this technology simplifies it.

Another highlight of the StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ is the app itself. The app generates a list of the best objects to view based on your exact time and location. It identifies brighter nebulae, galaxies, star clusters that can be viewed even from the city, and fainter deep sky objects that are best seen from darker sites. With this feature, you do not have to spend countless hours trying to find the perfect star or planet. Instead, you can sit back, relax and let the app guide you.

Setting up the StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ is easy and straightforward. The manual altazimuth mount has smooth, dual-axis slow-motion controls that make it easy to follow the on-screen arrows to your desired target. When the bullseye turns green, it’s ready to view in the telescope’s eyepiece.

The StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ comes with a high-quality 130mm Newtonian reflector, which features highly reflective coatings and enough light gathering ability to view craters on the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and deep sky objects like the Orion Nebula, Andromeda Galaxy, and Pleiades Open Star Cluster. The 5" primary mirror provides excellent clarity and resolution for observing galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters from a distance.

The telescope is lightweight and easy to carry. This means you can take it with you wherever you go – whether you are traveling, camping, or simply exploring the backyard.

In summary, the StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Smartphone App-Enabled Telescope is a great product for beginners. It is easy to use, smartphone app-enabled, and comes with a high-quality reflector. With the help of the app, you can explore the night sky like a pro without prior experience. The telescope is well-built, lightweight, and easy to transport. Additionally, the unbeatable warranty and support from Celestron make it an excellent investment. At the time of writing, this product has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating from 346 customer reviews, indicating that it is a popular choice among astronomy enthusiasts.

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StarSense Explorer DX 130AZ Smartphone

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