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SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite, - Review

SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite, DSLR Matte Box with Carbon Fiber Top Flag, for 67mm/72mm/77mm/82mm/95mm Lenses, for 4x5.65 Filter/Circular Filter - 3575

9.4 / 10

SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite,

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When it comes to outdoor photography, capturing the right lighting makes all the difference. The SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite, by SMALLRIG, is a versatile and practical DSLR Matte Box that has successfully solved multiple photographic challenges.

The first thing that catches the eye about the SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite is its lightweight and compact design. It weighs only 3.8 oz, making it easy to carry around on a photo shoot and its compact size makes it a perfect fit for small mirrorless or DSLR cameras like those commonly used by photographers using the Sony A7S III or Canon R5/R6.

The second advantage of the SmallRig Mini Matte Box, which helps ensure high-quality photographs, is that it includes a carbon fiber top flag that blocks out veiling glare or bright reflections from hitting the lens of the camera. This additional layer of protection ensures that the subject remains the main focus of the photograph because reflections aren't overloading the camera's sensor.

One of the most significant advantages of this matte box is its wide application. The matte box features a 95mm diameter opening, and the included 67, 72, 77, and 82mm threaded adapter rings, which enable the user to attach the matte box to lenses of different sizes and diameters. Furthermore, the SmallRig Mini Matte Box's new design prevents any vignetting when shooting with lenses with a focal length of 15mm or wider.

The matte box also accepts circular filters such as CP or ND filters up to Φ92.5mm. And importantly, it provides enough space between the camera lens and the filter thread to allow for disassembly and easy adjustment of the filters.

Also, for photographers who want an even greater degree of control over their photographs, the SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite accepts up to four x 5.65-inch plug-in filters, and two or more filters with an additional filter tray (not included). The included filter tray, which is made up of high-quality silicone, protects the lens from scratches and fingerprints while it's being replaced.

The flexibility of the SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite can be further enhanced by using the optional accessories offered by SMALLRIG. For instance, photographers interested in capturing more dramatic images can choose the Filter Tray (4 x 5.65) 3319 or the Filter Tray (4 x 4") 3320. These allow photographers to take their creativity to the next level by using a range of filters, including polarization or ND filters.

Looking at the customer reviews, the SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite has earned 4.7 out of 5 stars from 337 reviews. The reviews consistently note the flexibility and durability of the product, with many photographers commenting on how precisely the matte box enables them to control the amount of light that enters the camera's sensor.

Overall, the SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite is a versatile, practical, and attractive matte box that enables photographers to take their creativity to the next level. Its lightweight and compact design, wide range of adapter rings, and compatibility with various filters make it an excellent choice for photographers looking for an all-in-one solution to their lighting challenges.

SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite,

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