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Rode VideoMic Pro+ Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone

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The Rode VideoMic Pro+ Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone is a game-changer for video content creators, vloggers, YouTubers, and anyone who uses a camera to capture audio. As a professional AI language model, I have analyzed the specification and customer reviews, and I can confidently say that this product deserves its rating and counts.

Firstly, the design of the Rode VideoMic Pro+ is sleek and ergonomic, making it easy to handle and mount on any camera or tripod. The microphone has a supercardioid polar pattern that captures audio from the front while reducing background noise and off-axis sounds. This means that you get clear and focused audio even in noisy environments, making it perfect for outdoor shoots, events or interviews.

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ is also equipped with an integrated Rycote Lyre shock mount that isolates the microphone from mechanical vibrations and handling noise. This feature is particularly important for anyone who shoots handheld footage or uses a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a noisy autofocus system. The shock mount ensures that your audio doesn't get ruined by unwanted sounds.

Another impressive feature of the Rode VideoMic Pro+ is its automatic power function. The microphone can detect when it's plugged into a camera or recording device and turns on or off accordingly. This means that you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn the mic off after use or draining your battery unnecessarily.

The microphone also has digital switching that allows you to adjust its settings easily. You can switch between high-pass filter, -10dB pad, and boost modes depending on your shooting situation. The high-pass filter cuts out low-frequency rumble, while the -10dB pad reduces the microphone's sensitivity, making it ideal for loud sound sources like concerts. The boost mode increases the microphone's output level, which comes in handy when you're recording from a distance.

One aspect that stands out in the customer reviews is how well the Rode VideoMic Pro+ performs in outdoor environments. The microphone's supercardioid polar pattern and shock mount do an excellent job of isolating sound and reducing wind noise. This makes it perfect for outdoor shoots even in windy conditions, something that other similar microphones may find challenging to achieve.

The Rode VideoMic Pro+ is also praised for its excellent build quality and durability. Many customers have reported using the microphone for years without any issues, a testament to its robust construction. The microphone's aluminum body and grille give it a premium look and feel that's sure to impress.

One downside that some customers have reported is the microphone's weight. At 122 grams, it's not the lightest microphone on the market, which can be a problem if you're holding it for extended periods. However, the weight is a tradeoff for the microphone's robust construction, and the Rycote Lyre shock mount helps to reduce the strain on your arms.

Another concern raised by some customers is the microphone's price. However, most reviewers agree that the Rode VideoMic Pro+ is worth the investment, given its performance and build quality.

In conclusion, the Rode VideoMic Pro+ Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone is an impressive product that lives up to its reputation. It's a versatile and reliable microphone that performs well in a wide range of shooting situations. The microphone's automatic power function, digital switching, and shock mount system make it easy to use and produce professional-quality audio. Its outstanding build quality and durability make it a worthy investment for anyone looking for a high-end microphone for their camera. With a 4.7 out of 5-star rating and over 700 customer reviews, it's clear that the Rode VideoMic Pro+ is a product worth considering for anyone looking to upgrade their audio setup.

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