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REOLINK 4K Outdoor Cameras for Home Security, IP PoE Dome Surveillance Camera with Human/Vehicle/Pet Detection, 25FPS Daytime, Work with Smart Home, Up to 256GB Micro SD Card, RLC-820A (Pack of 2)

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REOLINK 4K Outdoor Cameras for Home Security: A Comprehensive Review

Home security has become an essential aspect of our lives. With the alarming rise in burglary, theft, and crime, protecting your property and loved ones has become a top priority. Among the plethora of security products available, security cameras are the most popular choice as it allows you to keep a keen eye on your home and property even when you're not there. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the REOLINK 4K Outdoor Cameras for Home Security and see what makes it stand out.

Overview and Key Features

The REOLINK 4K Outdoor Cameras are equipped with on-device detection technology, enabling them to differentiate between humans and vehicles from other objects. This detection makes it easier for you to keep an eye on real threats and minimize unnecessary alerts. The outdoor cameras are also backed by 4K ultra HD videos, making it 1.6x clearer than 5MP and 4x clearer than 1080p.

One of the key selling points of the REOLINK 4K outdoor cameras is the power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. This feature allows the cameras to transmit videos and get power simultaneously over just one network cable. It makes the installation process much easier and faster, ensuring that you have a reliable, constant connection to your cameras.

The PoE cams feature multiple recording options. They support recording 24/7 continuously or only when motion is detected. The videos are saved in the micro SD card (up to 256GB, which is not included), Reolink NVR, or on an FTP server. This means that you can easily retrieve any footage from any device, making it convenient for you to keep track of any incidents.

The REOLINK 4K outdoor cameras come with real-time motion alerts, which is a game-changer in the security camera industry. Whenever danger is detected, you will receive an alert via real-time push notifications or alert emails on your device. You can easily watch the live feed, be informed of the emergency, and replay key moments on the Reolink App or Client anytime and anywhere.

Installation and Set-Up

One of the biggest concerns with installing outdoor cameras is the set-up process. With the REOLINK 4K outdoor cameras, the installation and set-up process is very simple. The PoE technology allows you to easily connect the cameras to your network with one cable. The cameras come with clear step-by-step instructions on how to physically install the cameras and software installed in your device.

The instructions are also readily available online and you can even watch tutorial videos. With the PoE technology, there is no need to run additional cables for power supply or connect them to separate power supplies, reducing the time and effort needed to install them.

Quality and Performance

In terms of quality and performance, the REOLINK 4K outdoor cameras do not disappoint. The 4K ultra HD videos give you a clear and crisp picture, enabling you to see in detail what's happening on your property. The on-device detection technology accurately differentiates between humans, vehicles, and other objects, reducing false alarms and notifications which could potentially cause satisfaction among customers. This allows you to focus on real threats only.

The real-time motion alerts are another notable feature of this camera. With push notifications and emails, you can be informed of any danger within seconds which can alert the authority immediately. This feature provides peace of mind and is especially handy when you're not at home. You can easily watch the live feed and replay key moments to ensure you stay updated with the events at your property.

Compatibility with Smart Home Devices

The REOLINK 4K outdoor cameras also work with smart home devices, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. This allows for a seamless connection, enabling you to easily view your cameras on your smart home devices. You can check who is outside knocking on your door, play the outside feed from some devices, or check the status of the camera with voice commands.

Customer Reviews

The REOLINK 4K outdoor cameras have received positive reviews, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Customers have praised the on-device detection capabilities, image quality, and user-friendly interface. The easy-to-follow instructions and quick installation time have also received high praise. However, some customers have noted that the camera’s app is not compatible with some devices, and some have had difficulty in setting up the push notifications.


The REOLINK 4K outdoor cameras for home security are a strong contender in the market. They offer an array of impressive features that make it easy to monitor your property and keep your loved ones safe. The on-device detection technology, 4K ultra HD videos, real-time motion alerts, and PoE technology set this camera apart from the rest, making it a top choice for anyone who values security.

The instructions are clear, and with the plug-and-play installation, the REOLINK 4K cameras are easy to install and use. They are compatible with smart home devices, streamlining their usage and accessibility. While some customers have encountered minor issues such as notifications and app compatibility, the overall feedback is positive, making this an excellent choice for home security.

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