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RALENO® 20''X20'' Photo Studio Light Box, Portable Dimmable Shooting Tent Kit with 120 LED Lights(5500K, 92 CRI) Includes 4 PVC Anti-Dust Backgrounds (Black, Grey, Orange, White)

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Are you tired of taking blurry or poorly lit product photos for your online store or personal use? RaLeno has got you covered with their photo studio light box. The RaLeno® 20''X20'' Photo Studio Light Box is a portable dimmable shooting tent kit with 120 LED lights (5500K, 92 CRI) that includes four PVC anti-dust backgrounds (black, grey, orange, white). In this product review, we’ll dive deep into the features that make the RaLeno photo box a must-have photography tool.

The RaLeno Photo Studio Light Box has 120 LED lights that provide a brightness equivalent to a 50W incandescent bulb. Each lamp bead provides bright and stable light, and when combined, they produce an even, uniform lighting that brings out the best in your product. The array arrangement of the lights ensures that the light falls evenly on your subject, and the diffuser cloth softens the light for a better lighting experience.

The color temperature of the RaLeno light box is set at 5500K, which restores the original texture and color of the material you are photographing. This standard color temperature also enhances the shine of the object being photographed, while eliminating shadows in the process. As a result, the final product photo looks sharp, vivid, and true to life.

Portability is a top priority for the RaLeno Photo Studio Light Box. Each side has built-in steel bars, making it easy to put together the photo studio set by sticking the Velcro fasteners on the edges of each side. There is also a handle at the top for easy storage. You can easily take the photo box on-the-go or move it from one place to another.

One of the key features of the RaLeno photo box is the four PVC background sheets that come with the kit in black, white, gray, and orange. The flexible background board ensures no creases and has strong anti-dust abilities, unlike cotton backgrounds that can easily gather dust. The variety of background colors offers multiple options when photographing products, making it perfect for novice photographers.

The light of the photo box is adjustable between 0-100% by rotating the knob, offering precise control over the lighting of the products. This feature provides full control of the lighting, allowing you to create photos that highlight the features of your product better. As bright as you need, the RaLeno photo box delivers.

In addition to the above features, the RaLeno Photo Studio Light Box also comes with extras such as a side storage net for your accessories, a top handle for easy carrying, and an extra soft cloth for cleaning purposes.

With 378 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, the RaLeno Photo Studio Light Box is a reliable and valuable addition to any photography kit. RaLeno also offers quality after-sales service, with a response time within 24 hours and an omni-channel communication system. If you encounter any product problems, RaLeno will provide you with a free replacement.

In summary, the RaLeno Photo Studio Light Box is an excellent product for anyone who wants to take high-quality, professional-looking product photos. The features of the light box including the 120 LED lights, a true color temperature of 5500K, portability, the four PVC background sheets, and adjustable lighting make it easy to use and a great value for the price. It is a perfect tool for anyone from experienced photographers to beginners looking to improve their photography skills. Don't hesitate, buy the RaLeno Photo Studio Light Box and start taking amazing product photos today!

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