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Professional DSLR Rig Camera Cage/Follow Focus/Matte Box Bundle for Sony A6000 A6300 A7 A7S A7SII A7R A7RII, Panasonic DMC-GH4 GH4 GH3, Canon M3 M5 M6, Nikon L340 etc

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If you are looking for a professional DSLR rig to take your photography or videography to the next level, you might want to consider the Lightdow bundle. This package includes a camera cage, follow focus, and matte box that fits a wide range of camera models, including Sony A6000 A6300 A7 A7S A7SII A7R A7RII, Panasonic DMC-GH4 GH4 GH3, Canon M3 M5 M6, Nikon L340, and more. In this review, we will take a deep dive into each component of the bundle and analyze their performance, compatibility, and value.

Camera Cage:

The camera cage is designed to house your camera securely and features a form-fitting and exquisite design. It is made of durable aluminum alloy and offers high compatibility with various camera models and accessories. The cage allows you to mount accessories such as monitors, microphones, lights, and handles without damaging or obstructing your camera's ports, buttons, or battery compartment. The cage is also easy to attach and detach, making it a breeze to switch between handheld and tripod-mounted setups. The only issue with this cage is that it may not fit some larger cameras with battery grips or vertical battery mounts. If you have a smaller camera, however, you will appreciate the snug and comfortable fit of the cage.

Follow Focus:

The follow focus is an essential tool for achieving precise and repeatable focus pulls in your video footage. The Lightdow follow focus features a completely gear-driven design that ensures slip-free and accurate focus movements. It mounts onto 15mm rail rods and has a 60mm center-to-center distance. The follow focus is smooth and easy to use, but it may require some adjustments and calibration to fit your lens and achieve optimal performance. One thing to note is that the follow focus knob may be a bit small for users with larger hands or gloves.

Matte Box:

The matte box is a device that mounts onto the front of your lens to control and block unwanted light, reflections, and flares. The Lightdow matte box features a 15mm rail rod support system and is suitable for lenses from 43mm to 77mm in diameter. The matte box is made of high-quality ABS plastic and comes with two adjustable and removable flags. The flags can help you customize your shading and reduce glare from different angles. The matte box is easy to mount and has a secure locking mechanism that prevents it from falling off or twisting. However, some users have reported that the matte box may cause vignetting or vignette-like shadows when using wide-angle lenses or filters. You may need to test different configurations and adjust the flags accordingly to avoid this issue.


The Lightdow DSLR rig bundle offers a decent value for its price range. Compared to other higher-end and more expensive rigs, this bundle provides a practical and versatile solution for entry-level to intermediate users. You get three essential components that can enhance your camera's stability, functionality, and creativity. The bundle also comes with a 12-month return for a refurbish or replacement manufacturer warranty, which adds to its reliability and customer service. However, keep in mind that the bundle may not be suitable for all camera models and accessories, and you may need to research and experiment with compatibility before making a purchase.


Overall, the Lightdow Professional DSLR Rig Camera Cage/Follow Focus/Matte Box Bundle is a decent choice for users who want to elevate their photography and videography. The bundle provides a durable and versatile camera cage, a precise and gear-driven follow focus, and a customizable and secure matte box. While each component may have some minor flaws or limitations, the bundle as a whole offers a practical and cost-effective solution for enhancing your camera's performance. If you are a beginner or a hobbyist who wants to explore the world of DSLR rigs, the Lightdow bundle is a good place to start. If you are a professional or an enthusiast who requires more specialized or high-quality gear, you may need to look elsewhere.

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