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Plantronics APV-63 EHS Adapter (Avaya)

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Plantronics APV-63 EHS Adapter (Avaya): Is it Worth the Price for Your Business?

If you're running a telecommunication-based business or company, you may be familiar with the struggle of juggling multiple calls and losing concentration. Plantronics, a reputable brand in the audio industry, understands this problem all too well and offers a solution with their APV-63 EHS Adapter designed to work with Avaya-compatible phones.

But is it worth the price for your business? Let's take a closer look at the features and benefits of this product.


The Plantronics APV-63 EHS Adapter is designed to work with several Avaya phone models, including 2410, 4630, 5410, 6416D+M, 6424D+M, one-X Deskphone Edition 9620 IP Telephone, 9630 IP Telephone, 9640 IP Telephone, 9650 IP Telephone, one-X Deskphone Value Edition 1608, 1616, CS 510, 520, 540, and Savi W710, W720, W730, W740, and W745.

This compatibility feature is a significant plus for businesses and companies that rely heavily on phone communication systems, precisely with Avaya phones. You won't have to worry about compatibility issues, as Plantronics has designed this adapter to work seamlessly.

Easy Setup and Use

Setting up the Plantronics APV-63 EHS Adapter for use with your Avaya phone is easy and straightforward. You only need to connect the adapter to your phone's dedicated EHS port, and you're ready to go. The adapter also has a switch that allows you to control the volume and mute, making it easy to use and control.

With the easy setup and use feature of this adapter, it's easy to see why many businesses prefer it, as it saves them time and, in turn, results in better productivity.

Eliminates Distractions

The Plantronics APV-63 EHS Adapter is designed to allow you to take, end, or mute calls without having to physically touch your phone. This means that you can keep your attention on the task at hand, eliminating distractions that could interfere with your work.

This feature is essential for individuals who handle several calls simultaneously or those who work in noisy environments. Avoiding distractions is key to consistent productivity, and this adapter provides a solution.

Enhances Sound Quality

When it comes to phone communication, sound quality is crucial. The Plantronics APV-63 EHS Adapter enhances the sound quality of your calls, ensuring that they are crystal clear. This feature is especially helpful for users who are hard of hearing or work in extremely noisy environments.

Additionally, the adapter also eliminates static noise, providing clear sound quality for the users on the other end. This feature helps to reduce miscommunication and promotes effective communication between users.


The Plantronics APV-63 EHS Adapter is priced on the higher side, but it's worth noting that high-quality products often come at a premium price. However, it still comes at a reasonable price, especially when you consider the features it provides. The price may seem high, but it's an investment in better and more efficient communication for your business.

Customer Reviews

As of writing this review, the Plantronics APV-63 EHS Adapter has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, with a total of 237 reviews. Many customers have praised the ease of setup and use, with several noting that it enables them to keep their attention on their work without interruption.

Additionally, users love how it enhances sound quality while eliminating static noise, making it easy for them to communicate with their clients and colleagues. Overall, customers have found this adapter helpful in streamlining their communication processes and enhancing their productivity levels.


Is the Plantronics APV-63 EHS Adapter worth the price? The answer is yes, especially if your business relies heavily on Avaya-compatible phones. This adapter provides compatibility, easy setup and use, eliminates distractions, enhances sound quality, and promotes better communication. It might be a bit pricey, but it's a good investment to take your business to the next level.

Plantronics is a reputable brand, and with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars from 237 reviews, it's clear that this adapter lives up to its promises. We highly recommend this product for businesses and companies that want to streamline their communication processes and enhance their productivity levels.

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