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Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 45-65L (Black)

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Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 45-65L (Black) Review

Traveling can be both exciting and challenging, especially when you have to pack a lot of gear. But what if you had a bag that can effortlessly carry all your travel essentials and still look stylish? The Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 45-65L (Black) is a versatile bag that can help you achieve just that. As a professional product reviewer, I got a chance to test this bag, and I’m impressed with what it has to offer.

Design and Durability

One of the first things that caught my attention is the sleek design of the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack. The black color and clean lines give it a professional look that is suitable for both business and leisure travel. But don’t let the sophisticated exterior fool you; this bag is built to last. The 600D nylon canvas shell is rip-proof and weatherproof, guaranteeing that your gear stays protected from the elements no matter the weather conditions. The durable materials also ensure that the bag retains its shape and won’t wear out quickly, even with daily use.

Capacity and Versatility

The Peak Design Travel Duffelpack is incredibly versatile, allowing it to adjust to your needs quickly. It has a capacity of up to 65 liters, which means you can carry whatever gear you need to take on your travels. If you’re going light, you can quickly reduce it to a 45-liter bag, which is still large enough to accommodate your belongings. Moreover, the duffelpack is designed to function both as a duffel bag and a backpack, offering you more flexibility. You can switch between the two seamlessly, ensuring that you’re comfortable throughout your travel. It’s also worth noting that you can stow away the shoulder and waist straps, making it easier to store or check in when flying.


The Peak Design Travel Duffelpack is not just designed for durability and versatility but also for maximum comfort. One of the challenges of carrying heavy loads during travels is straining on your shoulders or hips. But with this duffelpack, you don’t have to worry about that. The comfortable, padded, stowable shoulder and waist straps are ergonomically designed to distribute the weight of your load evenly. The waist straps, in particular, are designed to reduce the strain on your lower back, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to explore your destination.


Storage convenience is another crucial factor to consider when choosing a travel bag, and the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack does not disappoint. It has four pockets – two internal and two external – that provide additional storage space for your smaller items. The internal pockets are perfect for separating your dirty and clean clothing, while the external pockets can hold your travel documents, chargers, and other essentials. Additionally, the six padded external handles make it easy to grab and go, no matter how you choose to carry the bag.

Product Warranty

Peak Design takes pride in the quality of its products, and the Travel Duffelpack is no exception. All Peak Design products come with a lifetime guarantee, which shows the company’s commitment to delivering excellence. This warranty covers all the defects in materials or manufacturing for the lifetime of the product. It’s also worth noting that the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack is made with 100% recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to buying products online, it’s essential to check the reviews before making a purchase. The Peak Design Travel Duffelpack has an impressive 4.8 out of 5-star rating from 101 customers, indicating high levels of customer satisfaction. Most customers praise the bag for its versatility, comfort, and durability, making it an excellent investment for any frequent traveler.


From my experience with the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 45-65L (Black), I can confidently recommend it for anyone looking for a top-quality and versatile travel bag. Its sleek design, durability, comfort, and storage space make it an excellent choice for both business and leisure travel. The lifetime warranty and the eco-friendly materials used in production further add to its value. Overall, this is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to travel with ease and style.

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