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Lexar 32GB Micro SD Card 3 Pack, microSDHC UHS-I Flash Memory Card with Adapter - Up to 100MB/s, U1, Class10, V10, A1, High Speed TF Card (3 microSD Cards + 1 Adapter)

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If you're in need of reliable and durable micro SD cards to store your precious memories and personal data, then the Lexar 32GB Micro SD Card 3 Pack might be the answer to your needs. As someone who uses these cards regularly, I can attest to their secure performance and speed.

The Lexar 32GB Micro SD Card comes in a 3 pack, which is perfect for my needs as I tend to use multiple devices, such as my smartphone, tablet, and camera. It's also nice to have a spare card just in case one of them fails or reaches its storage capacity. The included adapter is also helpful as it allows me to transfer files from my micro SD card to my laptop with ease.

The advertised read speed of 100MB/s and standard write speed for data transfer is impressive. However, as stated in the details, the actual speed may vary with different host devices and environments. I've tested the card on my smartphone, tablet, and camera and have found the speed to be consistently fast and reliable.

I appreciate that the Lexar 32GB Micro SD Card supports UHS-I, U1, Speed Class 10, and Video Speed Class 10 (V10), which helps to ensure smooth and continuous photo shooting, Full HD video recording, and fast file transfer speed. I've never experienced any lag or delay when taking photos or recording videos, and transferring large files between devices has also been a quick and easy process.

The A1 (App 1) performance is also a nice feature as it helps to run apps faster and save the storage memory on my smartphone or tablet. I've noticed that apps load quickly, and I have more storage available for other files.

In terms of storage capacity, the Lexar 32GB Micro SD Card provides plenty of space for my needs. I can record up to 1.5 hours of 1080P video, up to 5 hours of 720P video, store up to 9,400 photos, or 4,900 songs. However, it's important to note that the actual available capacity may be less than the identifying capacity due to different capacity algorithms and partial capacity used for system files, management, and performance optimization.

The durability of the Lexar 32GB Micro SD Card is also noteworthy. It's shockproof, water-resistant (up to 30 minutes, 1-meter water depth), has extreme temperature resistance (operating temperature: 0° ~ 70° C, storage temperature: -25° ~ 85° C), is X-ray radiation proof, anti-static, and can withstand mechanical impact of 500G acceleration. I've accidentally dropped my devices containing the micro SD card several times, and it has always remained intact and functioning properly.

As for compatibility, the Lexar 32GB Micro SD Card works well with Nintendo Switch, GoPro, smartphones, tablets, drones, cameras, and other Android devices. I've used it with various devices, and it always performs well, without any issues or compatibility problems.

One thing to note is the limited 10-year product support for the micro SD card and 1-year limited support for the adapter. However, in my experience, I haven't had any issues with either the micro SD card or the adapter, so the support duration shouldn't be a concern.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Lexar 32GB Micro SD Card 3 Pack to anyone in need of reliable and fast micro SD cards. With its fast read and write speed, ample storage capacity, and durability, it's a worthwhile investment for data storage and transfer.

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