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LaView 4MP Outdoor Security Camera Wired with Starlight Color Night Vision, WiFi Home Camera with 360° PTZ View, AI Human Detection & Auto Tracking, Siren/Spotlight,12X Zoom, 2-Way Audio, IP65

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As someone who takes home security seriously, I was excited to try out the LaView 4MP Outdoor Security Camera. Right out of the box, I was impressed with the sleek design of the camera. It has a sturdy build and is weatherproof, which is an important feature for an outdoor security camera. Upon setting it up, I was impressed by the many features that came with it.

One of the standout features of this camera is its night vision capabilities. The Starlight Color Night Vision allows the camera to record video in low light conditions with better clarity and a further view. It works well within 30 feet, and you can zoom in on the video and image up to 12X. The camera supports switches to different night vision modes like Starlight Color, Full Color, Smart, and Infrared Night Vision depending on your needs.

Another impressive feature of the LaView camera is the AI Human Detection and Motion-Tracking Alerts. With AI human detection and motion tracking, this camera reduces false alarms caused by animals. Once motion is detected, you will receive alerts directly from the app on your IOS/Android device. Motion tracking supports the camera to detect objects and automatically track them in a large range of 100° and 17 Feet, which is a big plus when I'm not able to monitor the feed constantly.

The built-in microphone and speakers allow easy communication with your family or visitors on your Mobile Phone, creating a two-way audio feature as well. You can also set up an audible alarm which the camera will trigger when a stranger or danger is detected during your sleeping time. This two-way audio feature, combined with the alarm siren, offers an enhanced security solution for your home.

The LaView security camera also supports up to 20 users to watch the video at the same time, and you can share surveillance with your family and trusted persons to get extra security. It's compatible with Alexa And Google Assistant too. It's also important to note that the camera can work in the temperature range of 14 F to 122 F. Whether it's rain or shine, it's tough enough to stand up to bad weather. The camera's IP65 Weatherproof label is another added advantage for outdoor monitoring, and it could deter vandals from tampering with it.

Another impressive feature is the security and privacy protection of the LaView camera. The built-in micro SD slot supports up to 128G Micro SD card, and every new LaView Cameras enjoy a 30-day free-trial Cloud Storage. This means that you don't have to worry about losing footage in case of any technical glitches or theft. The camera also comes with a lifetime after-sales customer service from the date of purchase and 24/7 online after-sales email service! It also comes with a one-year warranty.

While the LaView camera may take some time to set up, it's easy to understand the instructions provided. The camera's app is user-friendly and simple to navigate, allowing access to many features on my smartphone. Something I noticed was that the motion detection and tracking features may generate false alerts at times, but it could be helpful to notify you when someone is close to your home.

With over 500 reviews and 4.4 stars rating, it's clear that the LaView 4MP Outdoor Security Camera is a reliable and effective solution for home security. Its night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio features, along with other features, make it an all rounded surveillance camera. I highly recommend the LaView camera to anyone looking for an advanced solution to their home security needs, with a wide range of useful features and excellent customer support.

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