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KODAK EKTAR H35 Half Frame Film Camera, 35mm, Reusable, Focus-Free, Lightweight, Easy-to-Use (Sage) (Film & AAA Battery are not Included)

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When I first came across the KODAK EKTAR H35 Half Frame Film Camera, I knew it was perfect for me. As a beginner in the world of analog photography, I was looking for a camera that was easy to use, lightweight, and could help me save on film. The KODAK EKTAR H35 ticked all the boxes and I was excited to give it a try.

First off, let's talk about the film-saving aspect of this camera. Having the ability to take twice as many images per roll is a game-changer. As someone who is still practicing their skills, I tend to take several shots of the same subject to get the perfect shot. With the KODAK EKTAR H35, I can do that without worrying about running out of film quickly. It's really convenient to have that extra space on a roll and it's one of my favorite features of the camera.

Another plus point of this camera is its lightweight and compact design. It's small enough to fit in my pocket, making it easy to bring along with me wherever I go. This is especially helpful when I'm traveling, as I don't need to carry heavy camera equipment around. With the KODAK EKTAR H35, I can simply take it out of my pocket, snap a photo, and then put it back in my pocket. It's that easy!

The camera is also very easy-to-use, with simple instructions that even a beginner like me can understand. The point-and-shoot feature makes it easy to capture a photo without worrying about adjusting the settings. This camera is perfect for those who are just starting out with analog photography, or for those who want a camera they can take on the go without needing to fiddle with complex settings.

One of the KODAK EKTAR H35's standout features is its built-in flash. The flash can be turned on by adjusting the silver ring around the lens, making it perfect for taking photos in low light situations. I've found this feature really handy, especially when taking photos indoors or during cloudy days. However, I do wish that it was a bit more powerful. While the flash works well in most situations, sometimes it's not enough to properly light up the entire scene.

Now let's talk about the camera's appearance. The KODAK EKTAR H35 is available in four colors: black, brown, sage, and sand. I got mine in sage and I love how neat and natural it looks. It's not flashy or attention-grabbing, which is perfect for someone like me who prefers a more understated look. The camera itself is also quite sturdy and feels well-made, so I'm not worried about it breaking easily.

Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase of the KODAK EKTAR H35 Half Frame Film Camera. It's been a great camera to practice my skills on and it's so easy to use that I've been able to take some great photos right from the start. The film-saving feature is a huge plus, as is the built-in flash. The only downside is that the flash could be a bit more powerful, but that's a minor issue. I would definitely recommend this camera to beginners or anyone who wants a lightweight, easy-to-use camera that can help them save on film.

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