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K&F Concept 77mm ND1000 (10-Stop - Review

K&F Concept 77mm ND1000 (10-Stop Fixed Neutral Density Filter) ND Lens Filter, 28 Multi-Layer Coatings Waterproof Scratch Resistant Super Slim for Camera Lens (Nnao-X Series)

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K&F Concept 77mm ND1000 (10-Stop

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As a professional product reviewer who specializes in SEO, I had the pleasure of trying out the K&F Concept 77mm ND1000 (10-Stop Fixed Neutral Density Filter) ND Lens Filter from their Nnao-X series. The filter is best suited for cameras with a 77mm diameter lens, and it promises to deliver high-quality and long exposures. With a 4.5-star rating and over 1250 reviews, let's dive into my experience with the filter and see if it delivered on its promises.

First, let's start with the build quality of the filter which is crucial for long-term use. The K&F Concept 77mm ND1000 (10-Stop Fixed Neutral Density Filter) ND Lens Filter is made of Japanese AGC optical glass, which is known to be durable, scratch-resistant, and provide excellent clarity. It has an aviation aluminum alloy frame that is super slim and lightweight, which I found very useful when traveling and trekking with my camera gear. The metal frame around the lens is extra tough, ensuring durability and preventing jamming, which is a common occurrence with poor-quality filters. The slim design ensures the filter does not vignette with my wider lenses, which is a common issue with cheaper filters.

Moving onto the coatings on the filter, it boasts a hydrophobic and anti-reflective green coating, which prevented oil, fingerprints, and scratches from ruining my shots. This is a crucial feature that is often overlooked as it saves me time and ensures clean shots without post-processing. The 28 multi-layer coating suppresses ghosting, flares and reflections, which enhances image quality and helps ensure accurate and vivid colors. The filter is well built and easy to install, saving me time and hassle when using it on various shoots.

One of my favorite features about the K&F Concept 77mm ND1000 (10-Stop Fixed Neutral Density Filter) ND Lens Filter is its capability to reduce the amount of light by ten stops, which is ideal for long exposure shots. It's not difficult to get a blurred image over longer exposures, but with this filter, the long-time exposure helps to achieve slow shutter speeds, making it easier to capture moving objects such as waterfalls effectively. The ND filter function provided silky and smooth images that genuinely captured the essence of the moment.

One minor issue I faced when using the K&F Concept 77mm ND1000 (10-Stop Fixed Neutral Density Filter) ND Lens Filter is that it is fixed and not variable, which means I had to switch it out with other filters while shooting in different light situations. It was not an issue for me, but it's worth mentioning for photographers who need a variable ND filter.

After several shoots with the K&F Concept 77mm ND1000 (10-Stop Fixed Neutral Density Filter) ND Lens Filter, I'm impressed with the final results. It lived up to the hype and promises - the images were sharp, with excellent color accuracy and clarity. I used it on various lenses and situations, including outdoor landscapes, cityscapes, and action shots, and the filter delivered consistently. The filter came in a hard protective case, saving me from any damages during transportation, which is appreciated.


The K&F Concept 77mm ND1000 (10-Stop Fixed Neutral Density Filter) ND Lens Filter from the Nnao-X series is a winner in my books. It delivers stunning, high-quality results, especially in long-time exposure photography, capturing moments differently. It is well-built, lightweight, and easy to install, saving time and effort while shooting. The coatings on the filter ensure protection and prevent any unwanted marks on the lens. Although it is not variable, it's not a deal-breaker, and many photographers will appreciate the 10-stop fixed ND filter. With a 4.5-star rating and over 1250 raving reviews, I highly recommend investing in this filter to enhance and elevate your photography game.

K&F Concept 77mm ND1000 (10-Stop

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