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INCHOR White Cable Clips, Cord Organizer Cable Management, Cable Organizers USB Cable Holder Wire Organizer Cord Clips, 2 Packs Cord Holder for Desk Car Home and Office (5, 3 Slots)

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INCHOR White Cable Clips – An Effective Solution for Cable Organization

Do you get bothered by the sight of tangled cables on your desk or car seat? Are you tired of constantly untangling them to charge your devices? If yes, then INCHOR White Cable Clips are the solution to all your cable management problems.

Designed to cater to your everyday needs, these cord organizers come in a pack of two, with 5 and 3 slots respectively. The cable holder for car is made to help you organize your phone charging cables, USB cables, network cables, TV power cords, and more. The product ensures that the wires don't get excessively bent or frayed, keeping the room or car looking tidy.

The adhesive cable clips are made up of high-quality eco-friendly and flexible silicone material that ensures ease of use. They bend easily, and the cables can be smoothly inserted inside them. The cable clips are suitable for daily use and can handle a wire diameter of up to 0.26 inches(6mm). Not only do they work as wire organizers, but they can also be used to hold pens, toothbrushes, floss holders, and more.

The phone cord holder for the desk comes with a strong 3M adhesive pad that can easily stick to any smooth and clean surface. It can be attached to glass, plastic, metal or wood tables and desks, and even walls. The installation is super easy and requires no hammering of holes or attaching screws.

INCHOR White Cable Clips come with a little tip to ensure better use. Please make sure that the surface you want to stick the wire holder on is clean, oil-free, dust-free, and water-free before applying it. For better fixation, keep the clips for at least several hours after fixing; 24 hours is better.

Customer Reviews

With 13199 ratings and an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars, the INCHOR White Cable Clips have received great feedback from customers. People love how easy these clips are to install and how they can hold multiple cables at once. They help declutter their desks, making the space look more organized.

"I love how easy it is to organize my charging cables, earphones, and other wires. The clips are sturdy and a better solution to tape or tape dispensers. Highly recommended!" says one customer.

Another customer raves about how the adhesive on these wire organizers is top-notch. "I have tried many different brands of cable clips, but these are impressive. The adhesive is strong but not so much that it will damage your desk or leave stains behind."

The product has a few users who suggest that the clips may not be ideal for thicker cables, so it's better to make sure that the wires you intend to use with the clips would fit within the wire diameter specified by the manufacturer.

Final Verdict

INCHOR White Cable Clips are worth every penny. They are sturdy, efficient, and versatile. These clips can be used not only for cable management but also for holding other small items. They are perfect for use at home, office, or car.

The product is easy to install, and the adhesive stays secure even after multiple uses. If you are looking for a tidy way to organize your cables and declutter your space, INCHOR White Cable Clips are an excellent way to go.

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