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Flat Plug Extension Cord 25 - Review

Flat Plug Extension Cord 25 Ft, NTONPOWER 6 Widely Spaced Outlet(2 Side) Power Strip with 4 USB Port, Overload Protection, Wall Mount Charging Station for Home Office, Dorm Room and Nightstand, Black…

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Flat Plug Extension Cord 25

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When you have a lot of devices to charge or use in your workspace, you’re likely to run out of power outlets to plug them all in. That's where the NTONPOWER Flat Plug Extension Cord comes in. This power strip has 6 widely spaced AC outlets which can handle 3 grounded outlets and 3 two-pronged outlets along with 4 USB ports, enabling you to charge up to 10 devices at the same time. With a flat plug extension cord and a 25 Ft length, the NTONPOWER 10 in 1 Desktop USB Power Strip is a unique and highly useful device. Let’s review this multi-use power strip in detail.


This 25 Ft flat plug extension cord has a compact and sleek design. It easily fits behind furniture, desks, and bookshelves to save space. Unlike most power strips, this model has a flat plug that allows furniture to be pushed much closer to the wall, making it the perfect tool for tight spaces, such as an office, dorm room, or nightstand. The 6 widely spaced outlets on this 25 Ft extension cord are placed in such a way that the transformer plugs won't block the other outlets. The power strip offers three grounded outlets, three two-pronged outlets, and four USB ports, so you can keep all your electronics powered.


The NTONPOWER Flat Plug Extension Cord comes with many unique features. With built-in smart charging technology, each of the 4 USB ports can charge your devices at a high speed up to 2.4A or 15W, and supports most USB devices like smartphones, tablets, and portable speakers. The auto-adjusting charging feature is so helpful when you have multiple devices, each with a different charging requirement. The cord also has over-voltage, over-current, and overheat protection, and when the total power usage of connected devices is greater than 1250W, it automatically powers off, ensuring the safety of your devices.

Warranty and Support:

The NTONPOWER Flat Plug Extension Cord is covered by an 18-month manufacturer warranty for quality-related replacements. Users can also contact the NTONPOWER support team for any issues or clarifications. The manufacturer is also offering a $300,000 connected device liability insurance policy for this extension cord in the event of a power surge or short circuit that damages your connected devices.

Customer Reviews:

The NTONPOWER Flat Plug Extension Cord has received an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 1338 customers. Most customers praise the flat plug design and the 25 ft length of this extension cord. Many have noted its slim profile that works well when furniture is close to the wall. The customers appreciated the presence of a built-in circuit breaker that promptly turns off the device when a particular voltage is surpassed. The four USB ports with individual charging feature were also a plus point for many customers.


• The flat plug-design of the cord makes the device accessible in very tight spaces.

• The 25ft length of the cord allows power reach for distant outlets and hard-to-reach places.

• The extension cord with multiple outlets saves a lot of space by providing 6 widely spaced outlets in which transformers would not block each other.

• The NTONPOWER Flat Plug Extension Cord comes with a reliable overload protection switch to avoid damage to your devices due to power surges.


• The power strip only comes in black color.

• The cord is not designed for outdoor use.

• The weight of the power strip is slightly heavy when compared to other models with similar features.


If you're looking for an extension cord with multiple outlets and USB ports that is flexible, portable, smart, and safe, the NTONPOWER Flat Plug Extension Cord is an excellent choice. With 6 widely spaced outlets, 4 USB ports, auto-adjusting charging, and overload protection, this 25Ft flat plug extension cord will make your life easier by giving you ample outlets and USB ports to charge and power multiple devices. Overall, the NTONPOWER power strip is bound to be a great addition to any home, office, dorm room, or nightstand, meaning that you can have fully charged devices at all times without worrying about running out of space or safety.

Flat Plug Extension Cord 25

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