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Escort EZ Mag Mount - - Review

Escort EZ Mag Mount - StickyCup Silicon Suction Cup (Black) for Escort Models IX, IXC, Max 360c, Redline EX, Max 3, and Max 360

9.2 / 10

Escort EZ Mag Mount -

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As a product reviewer in the tech industry, I have come across several products that have wowed me with their features and functionalities. However, when it comes to the Escort EZ Mag Mount - StickyCup Silicon Suction Cup, I was simply blown away. This sleek and reliable option provides users with a secure mount for their Escort Radar, and with an excellent customer review rating, it is no surprise that several users have fallen in love with the product.

One of the things that I like about this EZ Mag Windshield Mount is the strong magnetic anchor plate that anchors compatible detectors firmly. The StickyCup silicon suction cup holds the mount firmly to the windshield, thereby ensuring that the radar detector remains in a secured position. To say that it gives you the most secure and reliable connection between your detector and windshield possible is no exaggeration.

Another thing that I appreciate is the ease of release and stowage of the radar when parked. This feature ensures that there is no damaging of the radar detector during removal, and promises that it will stay clipped onto the mount with a snap when not needed. It is pretty easy to operate, with no complex installation process needed. All you need to do is to connect the magnetic anchor plate on the detector with the mount, and voila! You have a secure mount for your detector.

When it comes to Escort compatible devices, the EZ Mag Mount is compatible with the following models only: Escort IX, Escort IXc, Max 360c, and Redline EX. If you are using any other models apart from the ones listed above, this mount would not be a favorable option for you.

One more point of delight and surprise is that the mount comes with a one-year limited warranty, which provides additional security and confidence in the product. This warranty assures you that if anything goes wrong with the mount within the first year of purchase, you can always contact the manufacturer for a replacement or repair. Knowing that you have such a great warranty behind an already excellent product gives you that much more peace of mind when purchasing the EZ Mag Mount.

As a technical product reviewer, I have to mention some of the possible drawbacks to the EZ Mag Mount. One of the potential shortcomings is that it is not compatible with GPS models. Instead, it is exclusively for use with Escort Radar models IX, IXC, Max 360c, Redline EX, Max 3, and Max 360. This limitation means that if you are using GPS models, you might need to consider other options.

Another possible downside of the mount is the StickyCup silicon suction cup that provides the grip to the windshield. The cup can lose its suction over time, which could cause the mount to fall off while driving. This outcome is uncommon, but it still occurs, so it is essential to keep a watchful eye on the mount to prevent this from happening.

In conclusion, the Escort EZ Mag Windshield Mount is an excellent solution for individuals using the compatible Escort radar models. The product's strong magnetic anchor plate, reliable StickyCup silicon suction cup, ease of use, and one-year limited warranty are some of the features that make this mount exceptional. With its amazing overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars and high review count of 2589 reviews, it's clear that the product is reliable and trustworthy. It's definitely a must-have for people who rely on their radar detectors and want to ensure they have the best-in-class connection and safety while driving.

Escort EZ Mag Mount -

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