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ECHOGEAR TV Cord Hider for Wall Mounted TV - White Cable Management Kit Hides TV Wires Behind The Wall- Includes 2 Pass Throughs, Locking Brackets, and Hole Saw Drill Attachment for Easy Install

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As someone who loves wall-mounted TVs but hates the sight of messy cables dangling from them, I've tried numerous cable management solutions over the years - from plastic raceways to wire covers. But none of them fully solved the problem of hiding the cords behind the wall, until I discovered the ECHOGEAR TV Cord Hider Kit. Here's my review of this clever product that makes cable concealment almost effortless.

The ECHOGEAR TV Cord Hider Kit comes neatly packaged with everything you need for installation: two pass-through grommets, two locking brackets, a drywall hole saw drill attachment, and screws. The kit is compatible with various wall types, including drywall, concrete, and brick. However, you'll need to have a drill (not included) to make the necessary hole in the wall for the grommet.

On the bright side, the installation process is surprisingly easy and quick, taking only around 20 minutes. ECHOGEAR even boasts that it won't make you miss more than one episode of The Office. The instructions are clear and concise, and the included saw attachment ensures a perfect grommet fit every time. The grommets also lock onto the back of the drywall for secure placement.

Once installed, the ECHOGEAR TV Cord Hider Kit can conceal a considerable amount of cables, including HDMI, Auxiliary, and power cords up to in-wall rating. The grommets are flexible to accommodate multiple cords, and I was able to pass through four large HDMI cables without any issue. The brackets are sturdy and can support the weight of the cords without sagging.

But what impressed me the most about this cable management kit is its aesthetic appeal. The grommets are paintable, meaning you can match them to the wall color for maximum concealment. I'm not a painter myself, but I appreciate the option to customize the look to my preference. The result is a clean and polished look that adds value to the room rather than detracting from it.

One other thing I like about the ECHOGEAR TV Cord Hider Kit is the brand's commitment to sustainability. For every unit sold, ECHOGEAR plants a tree, a small but significant contribution to offsetting carbon emissions. I appreciate companies that think beyond profit and actively work towards reducing their environmental impact.

As for customer satisfaction, the ECHOGEAR TV Cord Hider Kit has received rave reviews online, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 11,000 customers. It's evident that many other people have experienced the relief of having cable clutter removed from their walls with this kit.

One potential downside of the ECHOGEAR TV Cord Hider Kit is that it requires you to drill a hole in your wall, which may not be feasible or desirable for everyone. If you're renting, for example, you'll need your landlord's permission, and there's a chance they won't allow it. Also, if you decide to move your TV to another wall, you'll have to fill the hole and repaint, which can be a hassle.

Another consideration is the price of the kit. At around $30, it's certainly not the cheapest cable management solution out there. However, considering the quality of the components and the convenience it provides, I think it's worth the investment.

In conclusion, the ECHOGEAR TV Cord Hider Kit is a fantastic product that solves the problem of messy cables protruding from your wall-mounted TV. It's easy to install, accommodates various types of cords, looks great, and has excellent customer reviews. If you're looking for a permanent and effective cable management solution, I highly recommend this kit.

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