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Commlite CM-L50 LED Camera Video Light, 50 LED 5700-6000K Dimmable Mini Panel Light for Smartphones and Cameras, fit for Canon, Sony, Nikon, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei Phones

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Commlite CM-L50 LED Camera Video Light Review: The Best Lighting Solution for Shooting

If you’re looking for a versatile lighting system for your camera or smartphone, then the Commlite CM-L50 LED camera video light is what you need. This product boasts its unique design with 50 LED bulbs that provide high brightness up to 6880 Lux (10cm distance).

The CM-L50 Multi-functional LED Light

One of the unique features of the Commlite CM-L50 is that it can be used for different shooting occasions - whether you’re using a phone or a camera. It’s horizontally designed to provide ample light angles that can be adjusted up to 360 degrees. Plus, you can use it on any smartphone, DSLR, or mirrorless camera as it comes with a 1/4 external port.

USB Charging Port

The Commlite CM-L50 Smartphone Camera Light comes with a USB charging port, which is a convenient feature for users who don’t want to swap batteries repeatedly. The charging port allows for quick charging speed, and since it’s light, it won’t add too much weight to your gear, making it an ideal choice for travel photography.

Three Color Filters

The Commlite CM-L50 camera light is assembled with three color filters – white, orange, and blue. These filters make it possible to create different colors for different occasions and lighting situations. The push-button dimmer with 8 levels and non-gradual light of adjustable brightness also make it an ideal solution for multi-purpose lighting situations.

Perfect Heat Radiation Design

The CM-L50 camera light is equipped with a high-quality battery that can withstand an 80-degree high temperature. Additionally, the added porous heat dissipation design makes it super heat-resisting, which is important for extended periods of filming or photography.

Long Working Time

After a full charge, the CM-L50 camera light can work for up to 18 hours in low light mode. This means that you won’t have to worry about running out of power when you’re in the middle of an important shoot. Moreover, there are four levels of power indication that make it easy for you to check the power status of the device.

Customer Reviews

The Commlite CM-L50 has received positive reviews on Amazon, with a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating and 265 reviews. Customers love the product’s versatility and its ability to work with different cameras and smartphones. Furthermore, its lightweight and small size make it ideal to carry around.


In conclusion, the Commlite CM-L50 LED Camera Video light is a must-have for any photographer or videographer who values versatility and flexibility when shooting. Its unique design, USB charging port, and long working time make it a great investment that provides excellent value for money. With its high brightness, perfect heat radiation design, and 3 color filters, the CM-L50 is an ideal solution for shooting in all kinds of lighting situations. If you’re in the market for a reliable, high-performing lighting system for your camera or smartphone, the Commlite CM-L50 is worth considering.

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