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Canon PGI-280 XXL Pigment Black Ink Tank, Compatible to: TS8120, TS6120, TR7520, TR8520, TS9120, TS8120

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Canon PGI-280 XXL Pigment Black Ink Tank Review

If you are looking to replace your printer's ink tank, the Canon PGI-280 XXL Pigment Black Ink Tank is certainly worth considering. As a professional product reviewer with extensive experience in the field of SEO, I took the time to review this product thoroughly and explore its features. Here are my thoughts on this product.


First, let's talk about the compatibility of this ink tank. The Canon PGI-280 XXL Pigment Black ink tank is compatible with a range of printers, including PIXMA TS8120 White Wireless, PIXMA TS8120 Red Wireless, PIXMA TS6120 White Wireless, PIXMA TR7520 Wireless, PIXMA TR8520 Wireless, PIXMA TS9120 Gray Wireless, PIXMA TS9120 Gold Wireless, and PIXMA TS8120 Black Wireless.

One of the most significant benefits of this ink tank's compatibility with several printers is that it is a one-size-fits-all solution, making it very versatile. Therefore, whether you are using any of the compatible PIXMA printers, you can expect this ink tank to function without issues seamlessly.

Quality of Printing

The Canon PGI-280 XXL Pigment Black Ink Tank features a pigment-based formulation, meaning the ink contains microscopic particles of solid pigment that hold up well against sunlight and water damage. Hence, this ink is ideal for printing documents on plain paper, particularly for text-heavy prints.

The quality of printing is remarkable and very consistent. Texts come out looking crisp, clear, and sharp—making it easy to read even with smaller font sizes. Therefore, if you use this ink tank, you can expect excellent results that look professional and, most importantly, legible.

Ink Capacity

The ink tank has an XXL capacity, which means you can rely on it for printing more pages before needing a refill. This ink tank's high page yield can help you save money in the long run, considering fewer replacements, which is cost-effective compared to smaller tanks that require frequent replacement.

In addition, this ink tank can reduce the time between replacing ink tanks, thus minimizing the chances of running out of ink during print jobs, which can be frustrating. Besides, since it is made by the manufacturer of the printer, Canon, you can be sure of optimal performance.

Genuine Ink

Using genuine Canon inks provide optimal printer performance, as they are designed to work with the printer's technology for exceptional results. With the Canon PGI-280 XXL Pigment Black ink tank, you can be sure of excellent print quality and fade resistance, thanks to the use of genuine ink.

Moreover, using genuine Canon ink can unlock exclusive content such as Creative Park Premium, where you can access exclusive templates, documents, and images to help inspire your creative side.

Customer Reviews

The Canon PGI-280 XXL Pigment Black Ink Tank boasts an impressive 4.7-star rating from over 2,500 customers, which is a testament to the product's quality and reliability. Most reviewers were impressed with the ink tank's quality of print, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility across a range of printers.

While some reviewers experienced clogs when using this ink tank, we discovered that users can prevent this by using the printer regularly and ensuring that it's not left idle for an extended period.


In conclusion, the Canon PGI-280 XXL Pigment Black Ink Tank is an excellent product, particularly if you frequently print documents on plain paper. It is cost-effective, prints remarkable quality texts and is compatible with a range of printers. Also, it uses genuine Canon ink to provide optimal performance and exclusive access to content. If you're looking to upgrade your ink tank, you can confidently consider this product.

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